In november of 2012, I had gotten new tires from Tires Plus. No big deal, seemed like a good job done.

Flash forward to June 2013. Partner tries to check wheel bearing and notices the nut has been cross threaded with the lug shaft. When they originally dis my tires, they rushed and impacted them straight on which is never good because that leads to.....you guessed it, a beat lug shaft snapping off in the nut when it is removed next time. Called them up and explained the situatuon.

They admitted fault and allowed me to come in and have it fixed free of charge. When in the office, the gentleman asked for the broken nut and I declined. They wanted it back so they can re-tap it like cheapskates so that it will re-break later on. I explained that I wanted a new lug shaft put in, not have the old one just put back on.

His claim was they needed the part number off the broken nut to re order a new one. Yeah sure, like there are only three other identical parts on the same tire to get that info! Cheapskates! The tech working on a nearby computer snickered at my concerns like I was being snotty.

People suck, do your own car work. I will from now on.

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Reno, Nevada, United States #747294

It's a lug nut and a stud, no problem unless you want one , they strip break , and rust all the time , we handle so many different types many times due to the aftermarket designs we need a match something that identifies exactly what is needed , on yeah there are 4 other lugs and studs with which one could match, but what happened to that one is what we want to know so we do not repeat the problem, which could identify a problem with all of them. snicker " someone that thinks of everything that misses the whole thing."

BSRO Social
Villa Park, Illinois, United States #659944


My name is Tom and I am with the Tires Plus Corporate Office. I have read through your concerns and would like to apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you and would like to see if I can help.

Although I feel asking to see the original part is a valid request, I can see why there was aprehension. Please email us at social@bfrc.com with the store location your visited along with your contact information so that I can get management involved.

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