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I ordered tires from them and The guy at the counter didnt want to be bothered.he had a bad attitude.He ordered them and never called to say they were in.Alignment tech couldnt tell that the specs on the toe were out(gee I guess he didnt see the bright red numbers indicating the specs were out).I made an appointment and they couldnt install the tires for a week.I tried to get them to install two used tires I bought temporarily and they refused.Every car that went in they tried to screw them on something.Rude ignorant employees.I was smart and told them to shove their tires.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Making sense of toe readings can be tricky. Before you print out the readings on the alignment machine, you are supposed to aim the tires straight ahead. Sometimes the print out is done at an instant when the tires aren't perfectly straight ahead (the wheels "float" on a bearing plate) and as a result the left front and right front toe readings can be printed out as red. However, a real alignment specialist knows to disregard those red readings when judging the quality of a front toe adjustment. The readings that you should judge a front toe adjustment by are front total toe and steer ahead and whether or not the steering wheel is centered. The left front and right front toe readings could both be red, but as long as front total toe is green, steer ahead is close to zero, and the steering wheel is centered, then that means your front toe settings are within tolerance and you should disregard the red left front and red right front readings.

However, it's a different story with rear toe. Since the rear wheels don't steer on most cars, ideally both the left rear and right rear toes should appear green.

One reason why toe readings "float" is because there may be a little bit of play in the steering/suspension system and the customer didn't want to spend the money to replace those components.

Basavakalyan, Karnataka, India #223681

I took my car here for a radiator flush and, within an hour, I had an estimate of over $800 in needed repairs with my coolant system. I then took my car and Tires Plus Mt.

Laurel's estimate to another commercial chain where I was told that although the suggested maintenance seemed reasonable, the labor charges looked inflated. As it turns out, I was able to get the same suggested work done for just over half the price of Tires Plus Mt.

Laurel's original estimate. I went back to Tires Plus that same day just to voice my complaint in the discrepancy in charges where I was told to "come back next Saturday because the manager was on vacation." I'll do one better, I'll never be back again.


It is corporate policy to not touch used tires- the stores no longer sell or install them, just like they don't install tires that are 10 years old, etc etc. This is for legal protection. But yeah, rude service and incompetent techs are lame.

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