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Ladies-please read this!!!

I went to Tires Plus in Buckhead, GA to purchase a new set of tires. I reviewed my options with the Tire specialist and picked out a $500 set of tires, even after the buy 3, get one free special. They told me it would be approximately 1 1/2 hours to put them on and I patiently waited.

After an hour and a half + they called me up and I thought my tires were done. To my surprise I was infomed by Matt that my tires were not available and the only tires available would cost me $200 more! I asked them why it took them an hour and a half to tell me this information they had no answer. I then told them to put my original tires back on as I felt this was a scam as a single girl, and that I was going to take my business elsewhere.

Matt then told me my original tires were gone! He said that the truck that comes and picks up the old tires had come and that my tires were gone! So, at this point I have a car with no tires when they had no right to send my old tires away before new ones were in place. More importantly, I had not signed or paid for anything! I asked to speak to the manager and a gentleman named Jeff came out. He now told me that my tires were STOLEN by someone in the back alley! Please keep in mind it was 2:00 in the afternoon! I asked him why I was just lied to and why were the police not called? The response I got was that it happens often and they don't have camaras and the guy is long gone etc. I demanded a free set of tires (just to get out of there!) or I was going to call the police to file a report! At this point, they were obviously scamming me as a single female who they thought they could just push around!

Jeff made a run to another location and brought a set of tires for my car. The whole 2+ hours I waited I wondered if they were even new tires or defective, and now that I have caused a commotion will they be installed properly or will my car be tampered with?

I was able to get the set of tires for free, which was a shame for them because I was willing to pay for a set of tires if they had been upfront and honest in the beginning! The first thing I did the next day was take my car to the Goodyear dealership and ask them to do a thorough inspection of my tires and the rest of my car for any signs of tampering etc. This little precaution cost me about $150 but it was worth the peace of mind after dealing with such scam artists!

Please do not frequent this establishment as they are shady! If they were honest, we would have called the police and filed a report instead of giving me a free set of tires! First, they scam me into thinking I needed to purchase tires that were $200 more than the ones I picked out, then they say the tires are gone, then they are stolen? The only truth I know is that someone is making money off of my old tires and these people CANNOT BE TRUSTED! Ladies-please take your business elsewhere!!

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Goodyear charged $150 to check your car out to see if it's okay? Sounds a bit much for a "tampering" inspecton.

In my opinion, Tires Plus dropped the ball twice, but I seriously doubt they were trying to deceive you this time. Before a set of tires is sold, a good service advisor has to get out to the parking lot and visually verify the tire sizes and type. This is to make sure the tires are in stock and, just as important, give you an accurate quote. The lazy *** service advisor did not do this.

The second ball drop is the fact that Tires Plus does not secure the old tires. All major chains that don't secure their old tires have tire thieves. What they could have done differently is lock the tire shed. Or more simply, train their employees to not take the old tires out at least until the new tires are on the car. There are other ways for Tire Plus to cheat you. I seriously doubt this is the method of choice. This incident was the result of negligence and incompetence.

I wish I would get ripped off like this too. A free set of 4 tires is a big gift. This to me shows that they acknowledge they owe you and were willing to make good on it.

Abadou, Marrakech-Tensift-Al Haouz, Morocco #208648

that explains the dip in my 401k


I am sorry, I don't get think they ripped you off? Are you serious?

They give you a free set of tires, after yours were stolen...I also saw this on TV, isn't it true that the extra $200 was because you came in with the wrong size tires on your car....sounds to me like whomever sold you those was the person who ripped you off. And to Jason....make more money? Didn't they lose money on this...they gave her tires. I think you should be embarrassed that you would even go and trash them on tv and internet.

Get a life. You got 4 new tires out of them....SHAME ON YOU!!!!

Wait, wait, wait! You got a set of tires for FREE and that's a scam???

Man I wish somebody would rip me off by losing my old worn out tires and giving me hundreds of dollars of merchandise for FREE! Then I'll repay them by trashing their name all over the internet. Wow, I'd be pissed too if somebody put a new set of tires on my car.

Are you kidding me?!?! :zzz
Sounds like it was Goodyear that ripped you off -$150 to tell you that your tires are okay!!! Are you crazy? :eek

It is so sad that a buisness will go to these links to make more money. Thanks for posting.

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