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Purchased a tire from there several months ago, ended up getting a nail in the tread so we brought the car in to have the repair it. the salesman informed me that because we did not purchase a "Road Hazard" warranty when we brought the tire it was going to cost us $32.00 to have them patch it.

Brought the car down the street to TIRES CHOICE where we have purchased tires in the past (but Tires Plus was 14.00 cheeper for this tire) and explained the ordeal and they fixed the tire at no charge, just asked that take care of the kid in back doing the work, which I did with pleasure....Just goes to show you, the best price isn't necessarily the best deal...This isn't about bashing Tires Plus, but about praizing their competitor(TIRES CHOICE) for handling a situation that really had nothing to do with them. Kodos Tire Choice for your customer service....

Product or Service Mentioned: Tires Plus Customer Care.

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I haven't had that many tyre puctures for the past few decades, but when I did keep a car longer than expected and had to replace tyres, I always paid for the road hazzard protection. It came in handy a couple of times with Goodyear and Firestone.

I had a nail pucture last summer and went to Firestone to get it fixed. They did so, but charged $28. Apparently, this procedure has gone way up since the last one and I was rather shocked at the price. However, that is their prerogative to charge what they will and I suspect that the next time that happens, I will try Goodyear and see what they charge.

I commiserate with you as costs for services seem to have gone sky-high.

Must be the wages they are forced to pay by the government. They have to charge accordingly.

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