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I'm pissed!! and heres why.

I went to tires plus the other day to get a flat fixed, first of all, the tech working on my car was instructed to test my tie-rods, and didn't even do it until I complained. Secondly, the work that was done to my car was done like crappily! I got my car home and the plug that was put into the tire wasn't even cut off, I had to cut it off myself, thats what I'm paying you guys 16 dollars for right!?

Thirdly, I went to pay and realized that I left my wallet at home, the store manager decided he was going to hold my car until I paid him. Now, I didn't mind that he held the car, but what really pissed me off was that he put it up on a lift, took my house keys and my car keys and insisted that I was going to drive off in my car, without any keys or a way to even get into my house had I gone home!

I will never go to tires plus again, and I am forever going to hate firestone, thanks for nothing! You morons.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tires Plus Repair.

Monetary Loss: $32.

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What kind of dump dump leaves the house without a wallet or a drivers license.

What kind of dump dump hands over his entire key chain to an auto repair facility?

What kind of dump dump buys things without first checking that he has his wallet?

It's bad that they didn't check the tie rods.

They should have given you the rest of the keys back but held onto the car keys.


well spoken mr tread . you deserve a pat on the back for that .


WOW and TREAD, you sound like the manager at Royersford. If this is the case then I know why this guy is unsatisfied.

It starts with the manager and trikles down to the *** working below you. The total experience.


You are the biggest *** in the world. Hope you get in life exactly what you put in to it. WOW


did you want your tire repaired or a tie rod repair? thats my first question, what a *** complaint WOW.

secondly 16 for a flat repair is a good deal for all that needs be done and their time to perform the service. people like you are never satified, good luck


First of all did you ever stop to think that not all people are as honest as you and if given car may not come back and pay which could cause the manager to loose his job or pay for your repair himself.I dom't know to may places that will let you take merchandise without paying for it,they call it shop lifting.

As for the tire repair it is a patch plug what you see thru the tire is the filler which thru normal driving will fill in to the tire,no need to cut off.

People who don't know what thier talking about should not be allowed to complain.

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