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My husband and I made an appointment to have my Ford Focus SE in for the PA state inspection and emission test on 7/27/2008. Our appointment time was at 11:30 AM.

I proceeded to bring my vechile in at 11:25AM and I was told by the gentlemen behind the counter (David)that he was sending his only technician on lunch break and that it would be awhile. That is my first complaint, what is the point of making an appointment when the shop has noone there to work on my vehicle? My second complaint is when David called at 2:07 PM and spoke with my husband that he told my husband that my car failed inspection due to two bad rear tires. My husband stated he would call back and I did and asked what was wrong with my tires since they are under 8 months old and David proceeded to tell me that both were under state min with tread.

I asked how that could be since they are new and then he continues to tell me that only one tire failed inspection but I should have both replaced. I asked him why he stated both failed. He could not responde. I became very upset and hung up the phone since your techicians are lieing to me to gain more money.

David called back about 30 minutes later and spoke with my husband again and told him again that both rear tires failed when in truth only one did. I ended up buying one new tire and he passed my inspection.

I would like to know what the company is willing to do for the fact that you have employees that boldly lie to customers and get caught to get more money for the store. That is truely worng.

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If it's true that the inspection mechanic failed a perfectly passable tire, then he could lose his inspection license and the shop could get fined and get their inspection station appointment suspended. All it takes is one phone call to the 1-800 number posted on the wall where the emissions inspection prices are listed.


if anyone in this review is as familiar with a ford focus as me they know that 8 months on tires is a miricle. i worked at a for dealership and we literally recalled tires due to un explainable fast wearing, the car sucks with tires flat out. the only mishap with this situation i see is possibly just an associate who isnt very smooth with sales skills and knew two was the best suggestion and didnt realize some lady was going to make a huge scene out if it and tear his sales pitch apart.


its always best but is it required to do so NO! if the other tire tread is good you match the best you can. The only way you have pulling or traction issues is if you miss match directional tires, or the other tire is bald or very low on tread


It is always best to replace tires in pairs to reduce pulling,traction and safety issues. To many people want to take the cheap way out when it comes to a 4,000 pound automobile that are only held up buy tires and tire failure could cost you or someone else thier life.

Hopewell, Pennsylvania, United States #25515

unless your cheap you should have replaced both tires anyway.for safety and handling

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