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1. I have been in the business 20 years, and 2 companies down here I have been with Tire Kingdom & Tires Plus, are basicly the same the upper management hammers the lower management the sell like crazy.

2. you car goes in for anything (oil change) they will let you know that your car needs a bunch of stuff, more than will need air filter,cabin filter fuel cleaning service, coolant flush, trans flush,brake flush.alignment....while some might be tru most are bull ***...and way over

a.) brake flush, qrt. of brake fluid costs $8.00 at most( and they buy it by the cases...better price ) it takes the tech if he does it right 15 minutes..and they charge you.$89.99.

b.) Fuel system cleaning system even less time the product costs $13.00 tech spends 5 clean out throttle body and hooking the bottle up to your car. then he walks away, to do some other car.

My recomendation is that no matter what is told to youhave it check out from an other shop and not tell them what the first shop told you....then negociate on price nothing is in concrete

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Fair enough , yeah Technicians and sales are expected to Sell , on the other hand "let the Train jump the track , and see who catches H-E double toothpick"a quote from a conductor. That means when your vehicle fails be it, from tampering or just plain worn out , Technicians get blamed and extorted into slavery by that work for free and pay deducted because someone claimed their 20 year old vehicle that hasn't had any Maintenance for at least 5 years other than an oil change "Never did that before" not surprising because when he got into the vehicle to bring it in the shop the shock wave of a high volume radio or compact disc player busted his eardrums now he can't hear it either. As for the other Shop , you can't tell me this never happened to you if you do I will call you a :(LIAR

I am currently a technician at Tires Plus. Prices are set by corporate headquarters, but there are also many valuable coupons online or in the Sunday paper.

I don't deny that some customers have had bad experiences with Tires Plus, but we work hard to resolve any customer concerns or complaints.

I apologize for any inconveniences. We stand behind the work that we perform and hope to better meet your needs and expectations in the future.


This comment is for BSRO Social Steve

First of all, im suprised yet glad that this kind of complain is actually get discovered by higher up people of the company.

I actually have many things that i want to know the truth.

1) is firestone, tire plus, wheel works, morgan tire, a same company? literally a same company?

2) Why firestone and tire plus have different company policies.

3) If firestone and tire plus are a same company, is it possible for an employee who work for firestone transfer to tire plus and vise versa?

Also, as a higher up personnel of the company, i just wonder what will you do if there is a district manager or zone manager that abused his position and power to make people suffered?

There are bad rumors about Wheel Works District Manager Len Valverde. The rumors are about him forced and threatened his district's store manager to use any kind of method, whether its legal or not, to increase the store profit and Len expects all store manager must make more profit each each compare to the previous year. (Which i think it is ridiculous)

Len also does not hesitates to fire or terminates whoever that opposes him. In fact, there are many store manager that get fired because file a lawsuit against him and the company. All those manager get demoted to be a sales associates at first, and then get fired.

I just wonder if he just does whatever the BSRO company told him to do or he just make his own policies or rules.

About me, I also an ex-employee at wheel works but i quit because i cant stand the company policies. I have some friends that work for firestone and i asked them if firestone did this kind of things. Suprisingly, they all are suprised to hear the way Wheel works do stuff.

BSRO Social

Thanks for your post.

I am from the corporate office of Tires Plus. While I am unable to comment on how Tire Kingdom operates, I can say that Tires Plus operates in the best interest of the customer.

Customers who visit Tires Plus are usually not people who wish to work on their own vehicles. They typically do not want to open their hoods and perform their own service. While some of the services that you reference can be done with some basic knowledge after a visit to an auto parts store, many people do not feel comfortable doing so. For that convenience as well as a warranty on the work that is performed, they will pay more than just the cost of parts.

From working in the industry, you know that the techs and the store needs to make a profit so they can stay in business to help other customers and to provide an income and benefits for those working at the store.

At Tires Plus, our prices are competitive when you compare us to other full-service automotive repair facilities.

When customers get any service, we do provide a list of service recommendations. These recommendations are what the vehicle manufacturer recommends based on the mileage or age of the vehicle and are the same as what is printed in the owner's manual. These recommendations are always optional. Many customers appreciate knowing what is recommended by their vehicle manufacturer.

It is always a good idea to get more than one estimate no matter what you are buying.


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