Tires plus has replaced brake drums, rotors, cylinders, pads, calipers, fluids, four times in the last two weeks...currently, the brake lights are blinking and buzzing at me, to let me know, that the brakes are on the floor, and cannot stop the van at more than 20mph.

They overcharged by twice the quoted price w/o a call. and the van sat in the parking lot for four hours,another time recently, the van was up on the lift for three hours, while they waited on parts...says them.The work is unsafe,and I'm getting a lawyer.

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What store was this at?

IF it was in Tampa, call 561-239-2805, Alex Cochrane is the DM.

Or, call MATT HOSKINS, at 800-269-4424. He is the second in command, and he WILL take you seriously..


Find a good local independent repair garage, and stay away from the chains and tire stores. Your wallet will thank you.

BSRO Social

I am with the corporate office of Tires Plus. Can you send me an email at social@bfrc.com? I'd like to learn more about this as well as get a little more information from you in a more secure way.



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