I bought 4 tires (falken) on 09/18/09. I paid $406.40.

They had a 65,000 mi warentee. I had a little more than 19,000 miles and my front tires went bald. I brought it to the new port richey store where I purchased them and he said i should have had them rotated at least 4 times since I got them . The best he could do for me was charge me over 160.00 for replacement.

I could go to Deans and buy them for a little more thanthat.

So where is this deal? I was warned not to go there and I should have listend but now I will make sure to tell all my freinds never to go there

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"random thoughts" is right. The warranty on the tire is only good if you properly maintain you vehicle, meaning alignment has to be good and rotations have to be done.

If the tires wore out that fast (in 19,000 miles) you obviously have an alignment problem. That voids the warranty on the tires.


first off, it is warranty, not warenty... so when your tires went bald, did you have a proper alignment, were all the ball joints, tie rod ends, and other suspension pieces on worn or excessively loose?

premature tire wear is usually because of not maintaining the suspension and steering on a vehicle, and not crappy tires. read the fine print....

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