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I went to Tires Plus in Stone Mountain, Ga to get my front right tire and my power steering checked out. I went across the street to a restaurant to eat lunch-ten minutes later they're calling me saying I have a serious problem.

When I get back theres fluid leaking from my car and they say its a leak in my break hose. There was no leak in it before I got there and now my brake pedal is loose. There was no problem with my brake pedal b4 I got there. Now Im scared to drive on the highway before I get it fixed.

Gonna go somewhere else though-they wont get a penny from me.

Im thinking about sueing them for the damage that wasnt there before. This business needs to be shut down.

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LawuitReady, I highly doubt they cut your brake line in order to sell you one. For the simply reason that businesses like an easy sale.

This is not an easy sale because you will say stuff like, "It wasn't like that before I brought the car in". Businesses don't like complaining customers. That's not a situation any shop would choose to walk into. There are easier cons than this.

Most likely, your brake hose was already weak to begin with and it just happened to burst while the car was in the shop.

It happens. I've only been working as a mechanic for 2 years, and I've already seen it twice. The car comes in without a brake fluid leak.

And then the leak happens for the first time while the car is in the shop. Believe me, it happens.

Abadou, Marrakech-Tensift-Al Haouz, Morocco #210115
:upset lawsuit, you are clueless, highway taxes,vehicle registration fees,new vehicle taxes alone, are rippoffs overlooked on a regular basis, a couple of Mechanics trying to sell you a coolant flush or a transmission service, whats up ? are you that tight , Do you know how many people never even open that manual in the glove box?

it would suprise you if you knew. those services are minumum recommendation by the Manufacturer of the vehicle. Brakes! gimme a break!

any pro from an A.S.E. certification program can condem the basic brake system based on the very standards of the vehicle manufacturer themselves, As far as that poor Mechanic riding a bus, Just trying to make a living on the wages and flat rate programs offered by most of these outfits a.k.a. vehicle service pros. Think of this for a Moment...

If your car repairs were free. but you had to pay the medical bills for that poor mechanic riding the bus, he's been exposed to chemicals and hazards if you could comprehend, metal shavings blowing around machine areas alone cause eye injuries that would break your bank account inside a day. I myself have third degree burns on my Arm from attempting to service consumer vehicles in time frames dictated by these discount oil change sales, have you bought a bandaid from an emergency room lately , you would sure pull that legal tone away from the mechanics and place it on a Doctor the instant you pay $140.00 and not even get the wound washed, back injuries alone in this industry could settle our National debt. And you list Karma, well,250 car pile ups with multiple injuries caused by Fog , trapping many in need of medical attention, no Brake faults, coolant wasn't the issue, transmission were working well enough to get everyone up to speed to colide with each other, and I could go on , with karma, my policy as an individual , Honesty!

and above all every person has the right to say simply NO!, accept or reject the estimates, and examine old parts. Your Lexus (over glorified Toyota) has parts that are three times the price of a toyotat with toyota stamped right on them as they are installed , try suing Lexus for that, oh no! you would be riding the bus if you did that.everyone always has a bigger Lawyer, paralegal you couldn't afford the stamps it takes to sue Lexus for overpricing those toyota's.

But one stamp placed on a complaint letter could cost that Mechanic his job. truely karma, realy!
Abadou, Marrakech-Tensift-Al Haouz, Morocco #210096
paid a Medical bill lately :roll


Why again are there SOOOOOO MANY complaints about Tires Plus company and their mechanics? You'd be here all *** day defending your company.

Geez. :-/



Your 100 yrs late. I went to some REAL Mechanics @ Just Brakes & they're maintaining Most of the work to be done on my Lexus. For your info-they were tryna get me to get ALL the work done that day. As you should know since your a Tires Plus Mechanic-what you all like to do is trump up charges-but it back fired on this store. By the way-I am a Paralegal and I know plenty of lawyers-so if or When I decide its Worth My Time 2 file a suit on ANY Mechanic who Commits Foul Play on Me or My Vehicle-I Am Well Equiped 2 Do So.

But in this instance like many others I have come across theres this wonderful natural law called Karma. & About a month ago I saw that Same dirty mechanic Walking 2 get where he had to go. From bus stop to bus stop. Now aint that something? ;-)

Abadou, Marrakech-Tensift-Al Haouz, Morocco #208660
SEEMS PRETTY SEVERE, YOU THINK THEY CUT YOUR BRAKE LINE TO SELL YOU ANOTHER ONE, BECAUSE YOU WERE THERE TO GET YOUR POWER STEERING CHECKED?and you drove away from a repair facility with bad brakes. to justify your claim. :roll Steering and tires pays way more than brake hose, the risk of working on your car is the same, and shutting down the stores should let that never happen to anyone again.Now there's logic you can bank on to ensure the stability of honest business .

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