Camden, New Jersey

What a difference a day makes. You've most likley heard that before.

Well yesterday I had a bad experience at this store and wrote about it on this site. Well this morning I received a call from the Store Manager, Abraham who apologized for the way I was treated yesterday. He asked me to bring the car in at my convenience and they would work on it immediately. Well, I wear a baseball style cap that says,"I'm Old School", and I am.

I was "hot" yesterday, but I believe in giving a person a "second chance". The service was execellent and they covered the repairs under their Warreny, which, by the way, had expired.

Thank you Tires Plus for making things right. ~ Jiggers

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Consumer A

YZAK, can you send me an email at I am from the corporate office of Tire Plus and would like to learn more about your experience. This is not typical of the level of customer care that we promise our customers.





I used to like the Tires Plus store on Marlton Pike in Cherry Hill, NJ...until the level of service and customer care went downhill. They used to give you and your vehicle the best care, but not any more. They will do everything and play every game not to give you service, specially if you have purchaced the lifetime tire balance and rotations with your new tires, or even the 1 year Alignment agreement. They will deny you any service claiming no time today once they notice the contract in your account (using your phone number)...if you want to schedule an appointment, they will give you time far away in the next couple of weeks, or at odd times they know you would be unable to make.

Last week on Wednesday 04/18/12 at 3:45 pm I called and spoke to store manager about need to balance the wheels since the car viberates at speed of 60-65 miles on the highway. The manager claimed to have many cars in shop and no time for any more. Since I was already close by, I thought I would stop at the store anyway. To my surprise there was not a single vehicle on any of the lifts in the shop and all mechanics were just doing absolutely nothing. I took pictures of the empty shop using my phone since it will have the date and time stamped on them...when the mechanics noticed what I was doing they called the manager who came out running & tried to take my phone off my hand. I threatened to call the police and to report him to TiresPlus HQs.

It is absolutely unacceptable to push customers to buy alignment and lifetime wheel balance & tire rotation contracts and then later just donot honor them and deny you the services using gimmick and tricks of all kinds.

Pictures and additional details are available upon request, if anyone at all cares.

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