Tires Plus charged $15 labor to replace my battery which was under warranty and.90 cents for shop supplies. If I was aware of these charges I would have removed the battery myself and carted it to them.

These charges seem unreasonable-- to loosen two nuts and retighten them on the new battery. It's just another way to nickle and dime (screw) the customer. I will not deal with these crooks ever again!!!!! A couple of years ago I took my truck there thinking my battery was bad.

They ran a check of my electrical system and charged me $20. I could have taken it to Auto Zone or Discount Auto Parts and had the battery checked for free which is what I requested in the first place!

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I believe this complainer is wrong in this case.

If you didn't like the price, then why did you sign and, therefore, authorize the work order? If you read the work order, the installation charge is probably listed as a separate item. The same is true with the other car you were talking about. You are saying they charged you $20 to check out your Chevy's battery and charging system. All business have the right to price their own products and services and all consumers have the right to choose who to buy from. If you didn't like the price, then don't buy from them. It's not Tire Plus's fault that you can't or don't read work orders before you sign them. And this is in no way hidden either. It's clearly listed as an installation charge or charging/starting analysis.

This to me is clearly a case of a consumer who doesn't do his own homework before going to market.


I think in this particular case the consumer is right. If he requested to do just a battery test, and not a starting/charging systems test, it should have been free. Replacing a battery under warranty could go both ways, but there should not have been a shop supplies charge, because the purchase amount did not exceed the minimum amount, which is $30 some dollars.

Where the consumer went wrong is he did not look over the initial work order and inquire why he was getting charged for the work done. All he had to do was say "no," but pride or convenience prevented him from doing so. Thus, a misunderstanding escalates to an internet complaint with a lot of hate from both sides.

As you can see folks, the guys in the industry really do hate the consumers who are shown and explained the charges, sign for the amount, and then get online to complain about them later. Why not say "no" in the first place and save everyone the time and trouble.




The parts are warrantied - not the labor. You were charged the appropriate minimum charge.

Get over it and learn how to change your own battery. It's not that hard.


You are out of your *** mind.....Why should it be free? Because your you and we're ***.

It's a *** business ***. Where do you work because I would love some free ***


first of all what kind of vehicle was this on. if it's a chrysler it's probally insude the fender well .

some oldsmobiles are under the back seat.besides that's why it's called parts and labor .

you signed to have the work done . winey *** cry baby.

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