I brought my car into Tires Plus to have the oil and filter changed as well as wheels rotated. I think they did those things (I cannot confirm the wheels' rotate and balance).

They also caused another major problem with the car which required a tow and repair at my dealership. T.P. refused to pay for the tow and repair. This is not their first offense but almost all offenses have been recent so I will no longer have my cars service by them.

I've been a customer for at least 10 - 15 years and have spent thousands of dollars there. Avoid Tires Plus!

Review about: Tires Plus Repair.

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Be specific. What part of your car are you alledging that Tire Plus messed up.


Not a good way to run a business. Wake up T-P.

Not many jobs out in the world. Deception will follow you everywhere.


Was told by tires plus in Crystal MN that struts are shot- even leaking. Took to dealer who found no problem with the struts (car still under warranty)


bull sh`t


What was the major problem? You think that they went in and tampered with your car just so they could tell you that it wasn't their problem and know that you would go around and bad mouth them?

Really? Think about it.....people say this all the time because they don't want to pay for there cars and want to blame it on someone else and threaten to put it on the internet etc etc.

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