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I recently went to Tires Plus in Saint Cloud MN because my check engine light was on. After spending over $700.00, they told me the problem was fixed. The very next day, my light was on again.

I brought it back, spent another $110 and again was reassured that the problem was fixed. Guess what? The light is on again. They have had my vehicle for over a week and still have not fixed the problem. They said that it is my fault for not maintaining my vehicle!!!!

I'm sorry but I'm paying you to fix my car, so fix it!

Needless to say, I'm not giving them anymore of my money. Never go there for anything besides tires!!

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To "catcher":

What "Common Sense" said is correct in some cases. However, without knowing what codes you had, there is no way for me to know whether this information applies to your particular case.

Here's another example. If your car has both a bad oxygen sensor and a bad catalytic converter. Your car's computer will only have the code for the bad oxygen sensor because the computer uses the oxygen sensors to test for a bad catalytic converter. Without functioning oxygen sensors, there's no way for the computer to know that the catalytic converter is bad. Okay, so you replace the oxygen sensors and the check engine light comes on to tell you that the cat is bad. Previously, there was no way for the computer to know that the cat was bad because the oxygen sensors were bad. Now that the car has working oxygen sensors, it's able to test the cat, and now it knows the cat is bad.

The above is just one example. Unless you tell me exactly which codes happened at which time, I can not tell you whether Tire's Plus did a bad job diagnosing and "fixing" your car (which is a distinct possibility).

The check engine light comes on for such a broad range of conditions it's point less to discuss without knowing the specific codes.


again proof that common sense who is harassing the forum with retarded comments is in fact a tires plus employee.

Wow common sense, you are what you can't use in your little tires plus shop

A TOOL! get off the computer and go learn a real trade say, fixing cars without lying to people.


i have some info for retailer for life, not everyone is aware of the difference in a franchise " independent" tires plus and a corporate run store. your bos / owner should NOT have his tires plus franchise, he is corrupt and needs to be stripped of his franchise if situations like that are happining .

so please before you bring down a nation wide successfull service retailer, why dont you put the blame on your X BOSS. "COMMON SCENSE " wow


As a former employee of Tires Plus, I can vouch to the fact that they basically force (threaten) their associates to sell questionable services and repairs. I left them for this very reason, as I always feel that when I take my vehicle in for service, I want (expect) to have the service advisor or mechanic be on the up and up with me.

On more than one occasion, we would have someone come in for a simple oil change, nothing more, and then have the manager or owner of the franchise if he was in , call us in and basically insist that we sell them repairs and parts they may not even need! One case that sticks out in particular was an older gentleman who came in one afternoon for the $19 oil change. Well, since I was the salesman on the floor 2 that time, I was pulled aside and "told" to sell him a 4-wheel brake job as we were down on brake jobs for the week. I refused.

Plus, after the "sale" was then handed off to another saleperson, when his wheels were pulled, his brakes looked practically brand new!! Hardly any wear! He did not fall for the replace the brakes scam, thankfully. Then and there I knew i was not in the place I needed to be.

Funny thing, less than a year after I had left, the ENTIRE staff, from sales to service, was no longer there! My advice, take your vehicle ANYWHERE but here!

Hahahaha - Where do I start?
First of all, it -is- your fault. If you properly maintain your vehicle, you don't get 'Check Engine' lights. :)
Most common causes of the 'Check Engine' light can be caught and taimed -before- a failure occures. If you take the preventive steps suggested to you by your Automotive Repair shop, you wouldn't be in this situation, now, would you? :)
Second, and to answer your question/complaint:
Most OBD II system(s) STOP looking for problems once the light comes on, the first time. So, lets say, hypothetically, that you 'Check Engine' light is on. LEts say it's an 02 Sensor (common).
Your car has 2, sometimes 4 of these sensors. The OBD II system see ONE bad sensor, and stop scanning. BUT! Lets say you have 2 bad ones...
You go to this Tire Plus place and ask them to scan it, and fix the problem. They agree. They replace the first sensor, which is the only problem they can find. Then! You get home, the second sensor is read by the OBD II system and, BAM! The light is back on. How is that Tire Plus' fault? ...It's not.
Third: When something causes the 'Check Engine' light to come on, it's not something your neighbor, Joe can fix for you in your driveway with a wrench and some beer.
Cut the repair shop some slack, would you?
You can; A) Learn to fix your own car!
B) Do the preventative when you're told to! or C) Stop complaining and move on.

Here's the disclaimer, because I know how you internet crybabies are...

Nope, I don't work for Tires Plus.
Nope, not a mechanic!
Nope, don't even work at a shop!
I simply took the time to educate myself.
I also LISTEN to what my Mechanic tells me when he's suggesting work for me, and, hey! ...I do it.
I trust Goodyear, myself. But hey, to each is own.

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