Tires Plus treats there own employees like ***! why do you think they would treat the customer any different.

they would rip off there own mothers! they are slave drivers and the only way employees can make money is to upsell the *** out of people to hit there bonus! its no employees fault except at the corporat level.

they are the ones that created this monster and i apologize to all of you customers that have had a bad expirience! us poor pee ons in the shop are just trying to put food on the table for our family!

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Reno, Nevada, United States #728765

an investigation of slothful practices in the safety area of Tiresplus would put on notice D.M.'s for repeated violations of cell phone use in shop areas. Distractive, low production,and potential explosion hazards exist at a low level of course, RF hazards around fuel tanks , recharging batteries, and parts cleaners,around Open flame Heaters.

Insurance rates and threats of cancellations should be brought to their attention. an accident from an employee that regards these areas as not important should be released. As an employee I would hate to see every penny I have earned for Tiresplus lost because an Employee mocks the safe practices, and believes himself above the Directives of upper Management. Former Safety Manager.

I asked the Employees to take their calls in the parking lot. and I was relieved of my position. that,s Company integrity for you. Making Money to pay high insurance premiums.

I am currently under threat of termination for pointing out to a Service Writer that He Did not Direct any position 4 new tires belong on a customers work order The Spare was destroyed and "just put the *** tires on!

" Arrogant, self serving , ignorant. Can this be fixed?


Steve! You are part of the problem! I doubt you could even fix a sandwich!

BSRO Social

I am from the corporate office of Tires Plus.

At Tires Plus, we strive on delivering the best possible service and experience to our customers and our teammates.

Can you email me at social@bfrc.com so I can get some information from you about what you are experiencing in your store?



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