Oct 10, 2011. I needed a battery and a alternator check.

After their service, got home and looked under the hood. Battery cover was missing, terminals exposed, battery not secured in bracket, bracket dangling! I was livid!! Returned right away!

Manager tried to get me to take a battery with 30 CCA less then my car needed because it fit, saying ,"it's close!?!?" Are you F@#KIN' serious!! I went OFF on his dumb-***!! Hears a thought, Height adjuster, ***!!! I didn't leave my car for a second!!

Stood over them the whole time, talkin' s%*t! All the time thinking, what if my wife would've brought this car to them? What if that battery would have shorted out against the hood, not being secured!? I asked that manager how long has this guy been a tech that did the work?

He answered about 30 years!! Rest assure he didn't touch my car again!!

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This problem is hilarious.

Service managers get pressure to make sales goals. Having a battery out of stock means no sale.

Some managers cheat by allowing their techs to install wrong size batteries into cars.

Who gets hurt? The consumer, for the reasons you mentioned above.

BSRO Social

I am from Tires Plus corporate.

Can you send me an email at social@bfrc.com so I can get some additional information about what happened at this store?



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