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Bought a set of new tires from Tires Plus, when I got up to 60mph I noticed that my whole front end would violently shake. Called Tires Plus and they had me bring the car back. They then had to keep my car overnight so that they could fix it first thing in the morning, because they were too busy to get it in.

When I picked my car up the next morning, the guy working told me my front tires were never balanced correctly, and that's why I was getting the violent shaking. So now I think my car is fixed and can go on with my life, yeah right.....

Now I hear this clicking noise coming from my front tires, went back to Tires Plus and now I need to make an appointment, which I am unable to do because my job is very demanding and I never know what time I will be done with work, not to mention they don't take appointments after 6pm. So I called a lot to see if they had time to look at it, one guy I spoke with (Nate) said to come in and they would have someone ride with me so that they could hear this noise. Well when I got there they can't do that and they are so behind there not able to look at it until Saturday, which is two days away. Not to mention I need to go out of town and don't feel safe driving on long distances until I know what's wrong.

So I basically say F*** Tires Plus and take my car to my regular mechanic, come to find out because my car was shaking so bad that I now need to replace my front bearings. Called Tires Plus and told them the situation, but obviously it's not their fault, and they weren't going to do anything about it.

Stay away from Tires Plus I was warned and didn't listen, so now I need to hire an attorney or come out of my pocket $600+.

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It is highly unlikely that driving around for a couple days with unbalanced tires will ruin the hub bearings. I think it's probably just a coincidence that the hub bearings failed soon after the unbalanced tire incident.


frist off having you tires no balanced right is not going to affect your front hub bearings how old is your car/truck? and if you have your own mechanic why not just have him get you tires and put them on for you? i don't understand you i think your hubs were already bad and your just looking for something for free.


you should do all of us technicians a favor and go shoot yourself in the face!


you really think driving your car for a couple days with miss balanced tires messed up your wheel bearing. your dumber than you sound. you *** retarded ***


super bogus! took my civic for an alignment after installing aftermarket adjustable control arms front and rear.

a month later my wheels are bald on the inside because they didnt adjust them right.

and of course they wont replace the tires! super rip off!


If you go there, you're taking a huge risk. Bad quality everything, incompetent clowns who know a *** of a lot about scamming the public, but little else.

And unnecessary repairs all around. A scam outfit without a doubt.

These thieves should be run out on a rail. Unspeakable ***.


i bought tires from tires plus in germantown wisconsin 2 months ago. at the time we wanted a front wheel alignment too.

they said ok. 1 hour later they called us saying they could not do the alignment because we needed 900.00 worth of work. they put the tires on anyway. we went to milwaukee and had the work done for 300.00 we went back up to tires plus to get an alignment yestrday they noticed that one of the tires was a little worn.

they said because we did not get the work done before they put the tires on the warranty is void and will not replace the tire. we asked why u didn't tell us before u put these tires on the the warranty would be void. if we had known that we would have not got the tires first they cost 700.00. they said sorry there was nothing they could do.we refused the alignment and got it somewhere else.

this company is out for money and doesn't care about honesty. i will never take my auto their again.


Tell me about it, it's crazy. I don't even know how Tire Plus stays in business, they have 159 complaints just on this site alone.

guess it's because of people like me who didn't even know this site was here. I hope you get your problem resolved with them.

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I am from the corporate office of Tires Plus.

Can you send me an email at so I can get some additional information about this? Id like to help.




It's a joke. They can't even replace a water pump correctly. Royal Palm Beach store wasted two days and charged too much for their shoddy work

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