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I went to Tires Plus to replace a faulty tire the guy tells me that it deteriorated that way because I needed new bearings. The tire on the other side was fine and the bearings are all factory.

The thing is that the guy attempted to show me the "play" on the other wheel but had me grab the wheel in a manner that would test the boots not the bearings. And even that was not loose. Every customer that came in while I was there also had some other "issue" pop up with their car. These guys not only try to rip people off they put doubt into the drivers head about the safety of their car if they cant afford the repairs the mechanics fabricate.

It's dangerous. I know about bearings so they didnt trick me. I had to take the car to Aamco for something else and on a whim I had my guy check the bearings.

They are totally fine. we had a good laugh about that.

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There is no need nor procedure for checking 'boots' as they only serve as dust covers.
All your bearings being factory is irrelevant to the fact that they will fail at different times.

Was it really such a surprise to hear that your peers drive poor condition cars on public roads?

Bearing fail symptoms are; play and/or noise. So what was his explanation when neither existed :?
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My name is Tom and I am with the Tires Plus Corporate Office. I have read through your concerns and want to assure you that we take matters such as unnecessary recommendations very seriously. If you could please message us at with the invoice number from your service along with the message posted above so that we can look in to this further it would be greatly appreciated.

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You dont need my help to better your customer service.You just fix it and stop scamming people. dont really feel like emailing you for no reason.

If you want it the invoice number is 115631. Thing is that the guy didn't even give me the estimate for the replacements. what does that tell you?

If I wasn't going to get it done then and there why bother since there wasn't really a problem. :roll

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