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They fire store personel for not selling stuff as requested by district staff. They dont fix cars they sell what makes the agenda happy for that day.

you can go in on monday and they will sell brake flushes and coolant flushes, tuesday they will sell trans svc and fuel svc and so on.

And then this "tpvi" you must sell 2 or 3 or more a day plus get so many credit cards a day (known as cfna credit apps) or you will get a meeting then threaten or fired. This is not a mechanical repair shop but a scam to make the rich richer in the corporate world of Tires plus, they do not care about the customer at all.

Review about: Tires Plus Customer Care.

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unhappy with tires plus go to firestone instead same company. firestone owns them but firestone prices are better and their techs work strictly flat rate no commision dollars included, plus the experience in the shop far exceeds any tires plus i've been to. they hire true ase certified and knowledged techs, not work release techs


This company has the right to make a profit thats what the american dream is all about. but......

these radical f***ing dumba**'s go too far. 149.99 for frt pads and 219.98 for 2 frt rotors! right down the street 109.99 for pads and rotors........priceless...... not needed!!!!

wtf!!! Tires Plus douch bags! confront the manager and all he could do is give me theories of why the rotors needed to be replaced for my future safety "ok"! almost 1 year later and wow brake are still fine and i'm alive!!

thanks randy for the concern .!.. ***.


sounds like a emplyee who could not do their job


You live in the U S A man you dont have to buy nothing if you dont want to. Unless the Goverment forces you.

You cant blame that as a scam is part of their jobs to sell preventive services and to bring to your attention what you havent been able to see or know under your hood.

Trust me you want to know or have an idea of the condition of your vehicle. I rather be told than to be towed.


you need to call corporate and make a complaint about the management. There are so many people pissed with that store but no one is making offical complaints to corporate about him



Made 3 trips..and my car still shimmies at a certain speed, but good old TP sold a me a set of tires first...which when I requested a refund becuase my complaint was not FIXED and I would go elsewhere..they told me I am just "stuck" with the new set of tires ($300 )!!! No REFUND indeed, and these were just purchased 9 and 7 days ago !!!

Then had the gall to tell me it was my transmission at 40,000 miles and see your dealer. Which I did, not transmission..potentially AXLE..and they missed that !!! Also the WALK home Friday afternoon toting a 20lb backpack...because they could'nt accomodate an appointment as advertised too was not pleasant..and thye could care less about me or my vehicle !!!

Huge Scam !!! Macon Ga go elsewhere for service , please !!!

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