To all of you consumers out there. Tires plus has a wonderful 30 day policy where you can try there tires if you don't like them just bring them back and we will trade you out!

Pretty awesome right! Well what do you think they do with those tires that they pull off your car? Well they sure dont return them, that would be to big of a hassal, instead we throw them back on the shelf and sell them as new again! Awesome right?

Ha unless your the next person who gets that used set for full new price!

Think about that! And yes management is the one in control of this!

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What should they do throw them out !!!!!!


Send them back to the warehouse? That's too much work. Truck day is enough work as it is without doing unnecessary silly stuff like putting stickers on the used tires and then putting the used tires on a pallet and then wrapping the pallet with plastic wrap and then labeling the pallet.

BSRO Social

I am from the corporate office of Tires Plus.

When we have customers who take advantage of our 30-Day Try and Buy program for tires, the tires are returned to our warehouse and the store gets credit for the tire.

At no time are the tires put on another customer's vehicle.

If you have information that a store is not returning the tires to the warehouse, please send me an email at social@bfrc.com so that we can investigate.



to BSRO Social Tallahassee, Florida, United States #1079104

Dear Steve,

30-Day Try and Buy program for tires at Tires Plus is applicable to all tires or to only some brands?

Thank you.

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