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I went to Tires Plus in Eagan Minnesota for a wheel veering to the left. They got me in there by giving me a coupon price for alignment for $54.99

They did the alignment, I was driving out and still doing the same thing.

Drove back in and they said it was something with a strut. Paid for that and was driving out and it was still doing it.

Drove right back and then they moved the left tire and put it on the right.

Guess what? Now the car veers to the right!

I paid $150 and the problem was never fixed. They said, just drive like that. I left because they do not know what they are doing and they got an attitude over it.

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Praise Report

I am writing in regards to the highest praise report to Tires Plus. What started out as an extremely bad experience turned into a strong relationship in business. Andrew @ the Woodbury Tires Plus is a 100 percent in communication. Truly, he puts a person before himself to solve a need and that is a very high intelligence communication. Bravo Andrew!

Bad Experience
I brought my 2001 Chevy Lumina in for tire pulling to the left. I do not want to re-write the long negative or the experience again.

First out of the blue when my experience was horrible, a manager did call me the next day and refunded work on a chamber that was $84.80. I was impressed that a person would call to resolve the issue. I wasn’t rude when I was at Tires Plus (I don’t think). He freely refunded the cost of the chamber fee that I did not need done on my car. I was so thankful that Tires Plus took responsibility without any doubt. How many companies would do that?

Well, I never did get the tire fixed yet.

Andrew called on his own (December 1, 2011) to follow up with the experience from a month ago. He did not have to call me. Andrew was so effective in communication. I told him the experience and I would never want an experience like that ever again. We talked and I told him I still did not get the tire fixed and I have a different car issue now to be resolved now first.

It was a genuine conversation and he refunded the wheel alignment fee because that was not what I brought the car in for. I probably could always use an alignment, but it wasn’t what I brought it in for and I just had the wheels balanced, suspension, and tie rods. Everything was pretty good in the front end, but I came in for the wheel pulling to the left. Andrew wanted to reimbursement for the alignment.

I will trust Tires Plus again. I cannot help being so grateful for validation and going out of their way for me the detail. Wow. Those are the kind of people I trust completely in spite of the bad experience.

Thank you Andrew. God bless you too in your goodness.

Nora Tursso
:) :) :)

This problem is hilarious. One or more of your front tires is out of shape.

A tire being out of shape can cause a pull to one direction. If you swap the 2 front tires and the pull goes to the opposite direction, then, you know for sure that it's a problem with the tires.

There are a couple possibilities why your tires can be out of shape. 1) Defective tire 2) Driving the tire while under- or over-inflated. 3) Alignment angle called camber was off.

If camber is off and you continue to drive your car for a long time, your tire will wear unevenly (cone shaped). Even if the alignment was done perfectly and all the alignment angles was adjusted perfectly, the fact that you are still driving on out of shape tires will cause a pull. Camber is the alignment angle that requires adjusting the strut (on vehicles with MacPherson suspensions).

In a case like this, you simply identify which tire is out of shape and simply move it to the right rear posistion.

A test drive should have been done before and after every alignment. The tech should have never released the car knowing that the car still pulled. In a case like this, the tech should have identified the out of shape tire and placed it on the right rear and then recommend you replace the out of shape tire.

BSRO Social

I am from the corporate office of Tires Plus.

Can you please send me an email at I'd like to get some additional information about what happened.

I can help.



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