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Brought my suv to Tires Plus in Woodbury, MN for a tire rotation and balance. I was experiencing some vibration while driving down the highway and was informed the tires may just need to be balanced.

When they were finished, I went to leave only to have to park the car again asap due to a horrible grinding from the front end. They put it back on the hoist and said that the brake calipers was rubbing on the rims in the front. I've had this car for 8 yrs and NEVER had this problem before. They then said someone had used a grinder to grind the rim so it wouldn't rub.

Again, odd because I've never had a problem previously and my dad and I do 90% of the work on this vehicle. They basically put the tires back to where they were before the rotate and I left. I still heard a little noise but didn't have any confidence that Tires Plus knew what they were doing. Took wheels off in garage to inspect caliper only to find that my brake pad was actually rubbing not the caliper.

Also found that all 4 rims were ground down and it was because too much was removed so the clearance is no longer there to avoid rubbing on the brake pads. Went back to Tires Plus and they said the aftermarket rims were not meant for my vehicle. They've been on the car for 14 years. I have the records from the previous owner.

How is it that they have never been a problem until now??? The manager refused to admit any fault. He said they ground off corrosion and that was it. Obviously, during that, they removed too much metal.

I now will need to bring them to small claims court to have this resolved. The rims on the back are so bad that they can't even be rotated to the front and I have to modify the brake pads from now on so they don't rub on the front.

It's ridiculous! Stay far away from these people unless you actually hate your vehicle.

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oil change morphed into 2 air flilters were absolutely needed now! another woman came in some time later (I'm still there)-what a surprise -exact same problem!!

Better yet I take my formerly perfectly running Honda on the road, hit 60, and the wheel all but shakes out of my hands.go back furious!then told I had a badly worn tire (only since coming in there),and to boot,the tire rotation written up on my bill was never done! NEVER SHOP TIRES PLUS :(

As I was reading the problem you were having, I was speechless. My problem was almost idenical to yours, just 10 days later.

The only difference was it wasn't my breaks or rims, but both my front bearings. Alot of people that I spoke with in the last 12 hours has no idea this site is here.

But they do now and so will everyone on facebook and twitter as well. Word of mouth is the best way to get out information about a business, so glad I found this site.


Got the call today from the manager and they are giving me $ towards replacing the rims. A huge thank you to corporate and this site for your help with this.

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I am from the corporate office of Tires Plus and would like to help.

Please send me a note at so I can get a little more information about your experience.



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