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I called Tires Plus and asked for a price to change front brake pads and turn rotors for my 2005 Toyota Camry. I was given a price of 139.95 which I excepted.

Took the car down signed paperwork and made sure I checked to call me if over estimated price. I get a call back saying rotor on drivers side is bad but might be able to save it. The passengers side needs rotor and caliper replaced. I asked what the price would be to change just the rotor and not the caliper plus the brake job I had requested to begin with.

I was told 329.00 but if I had one of their cards I could get it for 300.00 even. I told him that was an awful big jump from the 139.95 which was the first price given to me. I was then told that they would have to *** the caliper & rotor to replace. I then said the 139.95 was to change pads and turn rotors.

Why would you charge me to *** rotor a second time. If you are turning the rotor the caliper would already be off so why would there be a second charge for that. I ended up asking for the car back without the work being done. I have 3 brother in laws that are mechanics I just didn't want to bother them they help me a lot already.

One said he would come over to do the job if I picked up the rotor. I went to NAPA and bought 2 rotors for 22.95 each brake pads for 79.95 and that was my total for parts. I jacked the car up and took off tires before my brother in law showed up. He got there and it took him about 10 minutes on each side to complete.

There was nothing wrong with the caliper, and the rotor could of been turned but I had already bought the part so we put it on. The funny thing is when I first took the car in I remember hearing them tell another person there the same thing. I don't understand why not just Tires Plus but a lot of repair shops try to rip people off. If they are a honest and reliable company they would get so many customers by word of mouth plus repeat customers.

I forgot to say that this Tires Plus is in Tampa, Fl. on North Dale Mabry.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tires Plus Part Replacement.

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In the automotive repair business there are a few things that are for certain:

1. Brakes wear out, even brake calipers.

2. Automotive parts cost money, and the repair facility has to "assume" a warranty, therefor they will not let the customer provide their own parts.

3. If the repair facility will allow customer provided parts, the customer that do that will bring in the most cheap, inferior automotive parts and then BLAME the repair facility when the parts do not perform as advertised.

Now most customers do know someone or are related to a mechanic. If they are so well known or are an "expert" then take your vehicle to them. I encourage this because I love to see them come in and explain how this once "expert" installed something wrong, or did not tighten up the brake hardware. I work for Tires Plus and pride myself in being honest with labor, but I also understand that it is a business and has to be treated as such. I know that I have never seen any Tires Plus with "non-profit organization" under that sign.....


If you properly maintain your brakes and dont keep driving on them after you hear noises coming from them you could of saved yourself some money. And of course parts are going to be cheaper at napa they are a parts store and there isnt a mechanic shop in town that will sell parts for what they pay for them they are a buisness not a charity.


yYour in-law knows how to replace brake pads and rotors on your car. So if he's a mechanic, why did you go to a criminal scam outfit like Tires Plus to have your brakes checked?

They are a scam and will always try to rip you off on all types of service. Most other mechanics know they're a crooked chain shop well known for rip-offs and incompetence.

When they said "calipers are bad" that's a tip-off that they're ripping you off. On many vehicles, calipers can last the entire life of a car, unlike pads, rotors, drums and shoes that wear out easily.

You didn't fall for it, got out of there and didn't get scammed. Next time if you don't want to bother your relatives, go to a real shop that doesn't try to rip you off.


That store has a rep for just that type of service!

Try elsewhere, and check w/bbb. Before you try them.

Good luck!

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