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Yesterday I went to tires plus in gaithersburg Md.Gude ave store. I hadnt been there in a long time because of what they did to my wifes honda.

she went into get an oil change and next thing im being called by her and she tells me they have a blow torch on her car. turns out they stripped lug nuts. i did the oil changes myself after that, and then found that they had left 2 stripped lug nuts on the vehicle.

in the process of changing the lug nuts they turned the wheel hub. When you turn the wheel wheel like this it spins the steering wheel at a fast rate and will guarantee risk of breaking the clockspring in the steering wheel.

Anyway, we complained about the SRS light being on and they refused to take responsibility,leaving my wife with 2 stripped lug nuts and a disabled air bag system. I went in yesterday to get new tires and give them another chance. They had put new tires on the car and i gave them my wifes card. they said it wasnt valid because it hadnt been used for a while.

My wife had forgotten her cell and couldnt be reached. I needed the tires on that day as i explained to them ,because I was making a trip north and they had just had a snow storm. They then told me they would not release the card without payment.

This is illegal in Maryland, They have absolutely No jurisdiction to hold anyones property. They asked for another form of payment ...I had none...we have done plenty of business with them before ie: tires,timing belts and other oil changes and have always paid them.

Anyway, They put the old tires back on sending me out with bald tires. this is also illegal in maryland. A shop is not allowed to put unsafe parts on a vehicle and send it out.

This is the second time tires plus has wrecklessly endangered our lives. They will be hearing from my attorney.

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I highly doubt that turning the steering wheel fast will damage the clock spring. The SRS module can throw a code for any number of reasons.

What makes you think it's the clock spring that is broken. Did you hook up a scanner to the SRS module and read what code was stored in the system?

I seriously doubt Tires Plus caused the airbag light to come on.


Snicko66, why would they be touching the wheel nuts if the car was only there for an oil change? Were you having a rotation done as well?

If a wheel nut is seized, the right thing to do is tell the customer the rotation can't be done without risking breaking the wheel stud and/or wheel nut. It's up to the customer whether the customer wants to take on that risk.

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I am from the Tires Plus corporate office. Can you send me an email at I'd like to learn more and see if I can help.



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