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Tires Plus is a sales motivated company ,i think alot of people enter the place thinking they will be honest about repairs ,but in reality they have an agenda its called high pressure sales. There Sales people compete against each other to get the most sales. So in order to do this they create repairs to raise the cost of repairs and at the same time move up on the list of most sales. The only reason i say this is because i heard the talking about it in one of there offices. Not meant to be heard by the people in there waiting area but certainly was.

In my case (my daughters car ) they did exactly that and i had to return to get more repairs because after paying 700+ and them assuring me all was good it wasn't. The brakes were not bled properly plus the alignment was off. When i returned first they try to tell me the tires were not brand new.But they were that was the reason i brought it there was for the alignment. Then they said they weren't balanced that was also a false statement,all the tires were balanced when purchased and anyways why didn't;t they point it out the first time. Then they came with the front brakes need replacing. The ones they checked previously that were ok ,all of a sudden went bad in 3 days.

My personal opinion was that there intention was to make me wait so long that i would get steamed and walk out of the place but i didn't. I told them i wasn't going to pay another 704 dollars because they screwed up. Finally after making me wait 3.5 hours they came out with a repair offer of $104.00,which was the cost of additional parts.

I was scheduled to return to have additional work done on my wife's car,they told me the struts were in so if i showed up and 7am the following day they would get right at it. I showed up at 6:30am waited for the doors to open at 7 went in got the paper work signed for them to work on it. The they told me they had to wait for napa auto parts to open at 8am so they could get the struts? After telling me they had them and me getting there early ,now they don't have them and I'm sitting there waiting once more.

After looking at the repair sheet i noticed that the struts they quoted as being around 140 dollars each. are now 180 dollars each.

I decided that this place was just to much B.S. for the average person so i told them to just forget it ,give me the keys and cancel the work.

These sales people are so hungry to steal peoples money this sales person called me at 8:30am telling me the struts were in,after i had already told him to cancel the work. He claims he didn't hear me.

Tires Plus

Mac Arther rd

Madison Wisconsin

I won't be returning

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I am from the Tires Plus corporate office. I'd like to learn more about your experience.

If you can, please send an email to I'd like to learn more.

Thank you.


This place has been scamming people for years. Also, they're not real mechanics, so these clowns can do serious damage to cars.

You're absolutely right, this is a sales place, not a car-repair place! It cost you some money to learn this lesson, but hopefully they didn't mess up your car too badly.

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