I recently had an appointment for an oil change at Tires Plus in St. Petersburg for 1:00PM.

They told me it should take about 45min. to an hour (for an oil change, WTF!) After waiting a while I notice a lot of mechanics hanging around doing nothing and talking on cell phones. To make a long story short it took one and a half hours. One and a half hours of my time and lost wages.

Thanks Tires Plus you just lost a customer and I will tell others. I one makes an appointment for a certain time...KEEP TO IT.

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It's important to keep a promised time of completion; however, you can't assume that someone is on the clock just because they are in uniform and in the shop. In the United States of America, employers are required to allow their employees time for lunch within the first 5 hours of an 8 hours shift. Sometimes, flat-raters will stay behind even after clocking out in order to organize their tools.


its not a jiffy lube!WTF! AND THE MECHANICS ARE NOT THERE FOR GENERAL SERVICE!When you go to the hospital do the doctors check you in?

no! not everyone does the same job even if they are able!

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