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had a goodyear tire develop a flat spot purchased from tires plus-they would not honor the warranty-i found out that they are not even an authorized dealer-they said my shock caused it-took it to sears were they honored the plus would not even answer the phone numbers they gave me to try to resolve this matter.they are lower than a snakes belly in a wagon rut.this was on a ford 150-about 4 years ago-i currently have about 220,000 miles on the orginal shocks and the tires are fine.

i was highly pissed off.

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I agree with Joshua.


WOW another rocket scientist. Shocks absorb about 5'000 blows per mile.

That means yours have over a million blows on a tube filled with gas and still working fine.

(NOT) I would bet my years salary that if you take one off and push it in it wont come back out,but hay they are only designed to hold your tires on the road. It is amazing how people who don't perform maintance on their vehicle want to blame everyone else for them being cheap.

Oh and buy the way they will also cause your brakes to wear out quicker due to weight transfer to great on weak shocks and heaven forbid you have to panic stop the front end travel (or dive) could cause you to go out of control.

Bethnal Green, England, United Kingdom #26725

I will agree with joshua. Bragging about the mileage you have put on factory shocks is like telling someone about a great buy you got for something you don't need because it was "on sale". I bet if you buy the good to best shocks(spend the extra $) you will notice a ride & handling difference as well as better tire wear and you will replace less worn out front end parts which will save you $$$>

Alle, Jura, Switzerland #25264

Well that is alot of mileage to put on a factory shock, they generally only last about 40-60,000 miles. It is possible that a bad set of shocks and lack of tire rotation can cause flat spots, or cupping on a tire.Sears probably just decided to help you out and "ate" the cost of the tire in order to satisfy you and earn your business. It doesnt mean that the tire was defective.

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