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Tires Plus is a total rip off. I bought 4 tires there,they did an alignment and oil change.I left there and my low air pressure gauge came on a few days later.Went back, they said nothing was wrong,put air in my tires.

A few months later i had to relplace my front tires cause they were bald,Got two new tires and everything was fine.Three months later my Tires are worn,I go back the guy takes a look tells me either my alignment is off or my car frame is bent.Um ok,I have a brand new car never been in an accident and you just did an alignment.First off how can you tell without putting it on a lift and second if that were the case wouldn't you have noticed it when you did the alignment before?

Everytime I leave there after they check my car out my low pressure gauge light comes on,I feel like I have warrenties and Road Hazzard and they never get used cause I end up replacing everything.On top of that their Customer Service really sucks. I will never go back to them again

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If it took days for the TPMS light to come on, then you most likely have a leak in one of your tires. (If one of the TPMS sensor was broken, the TPMS light would come on either immediately or within 20 minutes of driving. Also, in this case, the TPMS light would flashing upon starting the car.)

Obviously the alignment was not done correctly if it was done at all. If it's a brand new car, it's possible the tech simply decided it didn't need an alignment but still charged for one anyways.

You don't need to put a car on a lift to tell if the alignment is off. You simply look at the tire wear and inquire as to how long those tires have been on the car.

If the front tires are toed OUT too much, both front tires will have inner edge wear.

If the front tires are toed IN too much, both front tires will have outer edge wear.

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