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Took car in for oil cahnge. They called me, said serious problems with ignition system (car 6 years old, I'm the only owner). I went back, could no longer get key in igniton. When I finally did, couldn't get it to turn easily and then most electrical items didn't work with ignition stuck. Looked like someone "jimmied" my ignition core (scrathced up) They said I must have had this problem long time. No way, no problem ever with ignition. They said they had a hard time starting it. I said I watched their tech start it and pull it into garage with no problem. Called dealer to ask opinion about igniton core suddenly "seizing", he said sounded like BS to him too. Ignition cores slowly get worse over time. Mine had always been fine, no problems what so ever.

Told manager they were going to fix it or my next call was to attorney. When I came back, they fixed it for free and put 4 new tires on my car free of charge for my trouble (I call it buying me off). On my drive home...ting ting ting....lug nuts started flying off my wheeels! Took it back, they put 3 new nuts on. Avoid these thieves at all cost!!!!!!!!

Noblesville, Indian on Mercantile Blvd

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Sounds like one of the techs put another customer's ignition key into your ignition lock and tried to turn it. Many ignition locks in shops all the across the world are broken this way.

It's hard for me to believe that tires plus gave you 4 brand new tires for free. That's got to be against company policy. I can imagine them fixing the ignition lock for you, but it's hard for me to believe about the 4 free tires.

As far as the loose wheel nuts are concerned, you are lucky you are still alive. This type of stuff (causing a wheel off) is a fireable offense (as long as management and corporate knows about it).

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