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I have been doing business with your company for over 10 years. Thus far I was more than satisfied with your services.

But I am very upset because on 12/21/09 I purchased a tire for my daughter's car as a Xmas gift. And today 01/23/2010 the tire is totally gone. This morning my daughter woke up to a flat and we used a hand pump and put enough air in the tire for her to get to the gas station which is 1/2 miles away. Once she put air in the tire she proceeded to work which is an additional 2 miles.

Once she got off she put air in the tire again and rode directly to Ft. Wash., Tire Plus. Where they informed her that the tire was gone and she needed a new one. Once she called me I told her she had road hazard and when they checked they said she did not included it.

Last year along and previous years I purchased tire for both of my cars and ALWAYS included the 18.00 for road hazard. I am truly not pleased with purchasing a 100.00 tires for 33 days.

And today I had to spend the same amount AGAIN. Never in my 54 years of life have I felt so CHEATED....UNSATIFIED CUSTOMER

Monetary Loss: $103.

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Well, where's your copy of the receipt? If you bought Road Hazard Warranty, then you did. If you didn't buy Road Hazard Warranty, then you didn't.

You should know that the one time that you don't buy Road Hazard Warranty is the one time that you could have used it.

Don't blame Tires Plus if you didn't buy and they didn't try to sell.

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