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I have taken my cars several times to Tire Plus in Suwanee, GA however, after being a loyal customer, Tire Plus has once again failed!

The first time I took my car to get tires changed and then aligned"”all in the same location. However, it turns out that they could not align because they had put different size tires! I had to go in and pay for new tires and then have the car aligned.

Thinking things had changed. Took another car in to have it aligned in where an employee broke a screw of some sort and what was going to be 30min wait turned out to be 2 hours! Not to mention, that drove the car and it still pulls to one side – e.g. the alignment was haphazardly done!

I recommend that no one bother to go back to Tire Plus in Suwanee, GA!

Monetary Loss: $130.

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As long as both front tires match each other and both rear tires match each other, you can still do an alignment. The tires on the car don't have to be the size specified on the door jamb sticker.

However, if you have different size tires on the same axle, then you definitely can't do an alignment.

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I am from the corporate office of Tires Plus.

I would like the opportunity to earn back your trust. Can you send me an email at so I can get some additional information from you about your visits to this location as well as some additional contact information?

I'd like to help.



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