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Tires plus advs a coupon here : http://www.tiresplus.com/coupons/ that they will check your AC

They wont even CHECK It and take your $20

they simply state its too much work and they have to "open" to check which is $120 (only to say if something is wrong or not!)

all they have to do is say whats wrong and take the $20 and check freon level (coupon even has fill amount on it)

Basically they are too lazy to check unless they are sure they can get more money out of you upfront. If they simply checked and something was wrong I would probabbly have it repaired if their price is fair. But they will not even check!

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I am from the corporate office of Tires Plus.

Please send me a note at social@bfrc.com so that I can get a little more information about your experience. I'd like to help.



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