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I've bought tires for 2 of my vehicles repeatedly at the Tires Plus closest to my residence. The repeat business I've given them is due to my thought that "surely they aren't scamming me". I've worked on cars since I was 16 and am now 53. I know what a bad tire feels like or sounds like when you are driving it down the road. Especially at highway speed, if you feel vibration in your seat, that typically means a rear tire/wheel is out of balance. If you feel vibration in the steering wheel, it means that a front tire/wheel is out of balance. In some cases it could also mean a defect in the tire itself. It could also mean you have not rotated your tires and they are cupping. Some of these are things the vehicle owner is responsible for. And other things are the responsibility of the retailer who sold you the tires and the lifetime warranty. Just be clear on what warranty you purchase covers.

I sent my daughter to Tires Plus with a vehicle that has all 4 tires purchased from that location to get the tires re-balanced. She was telling me of vibration at highway speeds of 50-70 MPH. They talked her into an alignment. What the ***!!!! I bought a lifetime roadhazard and balancing with these tires. These guys definitely prey on anyone who doesn't know much cars.

They also talked her into an inspection (fee $$) and gave her a list of services they recommend her do to the car which added up to a possible $1500 or so. Again, what the ***!!! They told her the vibration was coming from her front rotors, not the wheels/tires. Hmmmm? How did they determine that without rebalancing the tires?

And how many customers have been told they will not rotate your tires because your tires on the rear are "unsafe" to put on the front. Are they talking about the tires I bought from them that are still under a lifetime warranty? Yes. Do not get sucked into this company’s lifetime balancing/rotating. They will refuse to rotate if the find any reason to sell you new tires.

I’ve had other service and repairs done there on these same 2 vehicles. It has really a “spin the wheel” guess each time as to whether the work was done well. One repair was on my Dodge Caravan and they replaced my radiator. Drove it on vacation and got to my destination somehow, only to have all the coolant gush out of the bottom radiator hose. The mechanic at Tires Plus had not slid the bottom radiator hose onto the radiator port completely before clamping it. What a pain in the pocket book. Who wants to be on vacation and have to pay for car repair to fix work that was just done to their car? If you find a Tires Plus with better mechanics than the one near my house, you are more fortunate than I.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

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BSRO Social

Hello, we are very sorry to hear about this negative experience when your daughter visited our location to have her tires balance and rotated. We can only imagine how frustrating this must have been and we would like to help.

Please email us at BFSocial@accentonline.com with details of your visit, invoice number (if available) and your contact information.

Thank you for reaching out to us, we appreciate your feedback and value you as a loyal Tires Plus customer. We hope to hear from you soon and that you have a wonderful day!

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