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My fuel pump went out, and my car was towed to Tires Plus on University Highway in Bradenton, FL. They put a fuel pump in and it cost me $550.

I told him I wanted it right because my family and I travel a lot and I want them safe. After 1 week the check engine light came on. I then took it to a dealer and they asked if someone had taken the fuel tank off lately. I told them yes because my fuel pump went out.

They then proceeded to tell me that a knob was knocked off when they did it and put something on it to try to keep it together. They told me I needed a new tank. $850 for everything!!!! I called Kori at Tires Plus and told him what happened.

He of course down played it as nothing accept a dealer wanting money. He assured me that my family was not in danger and it would not hurt my performance. I checked my gas mileage and it had gone down over 1 mile per gallon since Kori messed with it. I also talked with three other mechanics (Who had nothing to do with the dear) and they told me it was extremely dangerous.

I called Kori back, and told him what I have found out. Before he did not want to shell much out to help with the $850 but now he was willing to pay $200. (sounded fishy to me) Then he said that it was already like that when he took it off, however, I never had a problem before at all. He refused to pay for his damage and so I called Tires Plus Corporate.

They told me that this particular store is a franchise and there is nothing they can do. Ridiculous. Never use Tires Plus especially the one University Highway in Bradenton Florida.

They lied to me, cost me extra money, and worse put my family a great danger. Never go there unless you want to put your family in danger and shell out more money.

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I have another Tires Plus horrific story. I took my 2000 Ford Excursion to Tires Plus in Lone Tree CO for a standard oil change.

After a short time the engine begin to knock really bad. I check the dip stick and it didn't register any oil. I had it towed to Tires Plus, upon which they called in an adjustor to inspect the problem. I was there to witness the inspection and when we drained the oil there was barely 2 quarts of oil in an engine that takes 6 quarts.

The manager immediately stated that my engine must really burn oil which was absolutely ridiculous. This vehicle has never burned any oil and is serviced every 3,500 miles. Even the inspector laughed at the manager’s comment. I thought everything would be taken care of but to my surprise the corporate office called me and said this was my problem for not checking the oil / dip stick.

I responded that you must be kidding me and asked for a copy of the inspectors report but was told that they were not obligated to provide me a copy. The repair will cost between $5-9K depending on if I go with a rebuilt engine or a new one. I am planning to take legal action against Tires Plus.

Warning to everyone, do not take your vehicle to Tires Plus for any service!!! I wish I had read of all the problems people have experienced with this company before taking my car in for a routine service!

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