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Tires Plus has the absolute worst customer service ever!!! Went there looking for prices on certain services and got the worst service ever.

The two jokers I dealt with at the front counter had no idea what they were talking about and had the worst attitude not to mention they took too long to attend me and other waiting customers and when they finally did seemed to not care about anything except rip people off and lying their way into a sale. I have years of experience in the auto industry as well as some sale experience and have NEVER seen such poor service and unknowledgeable sales staff try to lie their way into selling something so much. The one sales person appeared hung over or drunk and smelled like he just finish off a bottle of alcohol or something and the other female salesperson (who's a real salesbitch) appeared high as well and was so concerned with talking to everyone about her own personal life problems and couldn't really help with anything cause she didn't seem to know anything about cars. If this is a reflection and representation of the company then I want nothing to do with this company EVER and will be sure to spread the word to "NEVER GO TO TIRES PLUS IN LANCASTER, PA EVER!!!" Absolutely the worst place ever and ridiculously out rages prices that always seem to go up from what they initially tell you cause they are liars and add *** u don't need.


There's lots of other places to get tires and other services for a lot less with way better service and a shorter wait so don't be fooled and don't fall for their sale and coupon scams cause that's how they get u and then the *** starts and your car will never be the same again and neither will your wallet cause they'll drain your bank account faster then you think and surely faster then they'll serve you. Good, fast service must cost extra at Tires Plus cause they SUCK!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Tires Plus Customer Care.

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Butterfield, Missouri, United States #652111

Notjustme...I think you need to read up on projectionism. It got so deep in your post, no one but a fool would put any credence in that story or any other foolish words you should utter.

I second everything My Mothers keeper says..I worked for 28 years with TP and know all too well they bend over backward to keep customers happy..I suggest you go on to your next blog and entertain yourself and maybe the village *** and keep sanity as a stranger as you have so very well up to now.

to Whatever.. #724728

They don't bend over backwards for anybody but their on bottom line. my mothers keeper and whatever are probably one in the same people.

They use scare tactics and "whatever" else they can to make a sale. Have seen this with my very own eyes.

To bad Tom the corp. guy can't find out if you really work at a Tires Plus.


Well this would have to be a 1st for Tires Plus and my family becuz we are there at least twice a month and TP is freaking awesome! I love all the employees there and service is impecable everytime we go in!

I actually left 1 of my vehicles there last night for 1 reason and they discovered and fixed another underlying problem at an incrediablly low price without us asking or telling them about it! Thanks Tires Plus for your awesome teams' continuous dedication and sincerity!

Sorry for your inconvience, if your unhappy with their service and your experience you can contact corporate office and TP is infamous for correcting their mistakes and discounting or possibly refunding your money if necessary and possible just to right their wrongs! I know they wouldn't have any problem to do the same thing for you!!

to my mothers keeper #620331

Also I forgot to mention that it IS the TP in Lancaster, PA at Park City! And as far as the sweet, nice, adorable Andrea your referring to as "the real sales ***" she is actually a sweetheart and definitely goes above and beyond the call of duty with her position.

But like i said TP has been amazing to my family and I, thanks guys.

I hope you can get your problem resolved and Im so sorry for your inconvience, I know they will fix it if u channel the right chain of command. 8)

BSRO Social
Villa Park, Illinois, United States #618340


My name is Tom and I am with the Tires Plus Corporate Offices. I have read through your concerns and want to apologize for the lack of attention and customer service you recieved recently. If you could please email me with an invoice# or phone# on your account I would like to look in to this further and try to help. I look forward to your message.



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