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The worst customer experience I have ever had. "Really" ...

I brought my car in for an oil change, dropped it off like normal and figured I would simply just get a call when it was ready. But Nooooo.... After 2 hours later a tech said to me since my oil was too low they could not change the oil because of a liability issue. "???" (That is the point for an oil change...

They have to drain it all the way anyway.) I voiced my concerns and he transferred me over to the Store Manager. He just said the same thing... and I said, well I am going to complain about this and his response to me was that they do tons of business and it won't matter. He said he was doing his job, I said your job is to change my oil and his response was F*** Y** and hung up.

I have been trying to get a district manager to help me but all the Exec Staff is out and about and my car is still there. UNBELIEVABLE

Product or Service Mentioned: Tires Plus Oil Change.

Monetary Loss: $25.

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Businesses have a right to decide what risks they are willing to take. Doing an oil change on an engine with prexisting engine damage would cause them to take on the risk of you (the customer) blaming the shop for ruining the engine.

Tires Plus is absolutely right in this case. If you want an oil change done, then simply fill up your engine oil to the proper level before taking it in to a shop for an oil change.

If they still refuse to do an oil change on the car, then that means the engine is either tapping or knocking. No tech in their right mind would do an oil change on an engine that is tapping or knocking (unless the customer acknowledges the pre-existing engine damage beforehand).


To the original poster:

The world does not revolve around you. You are so used to always getting your way in a retail environment that you don't know how to deal with being denied for a legitimate reason.

Your only immature response is to throw a tantrum and try to get some attention. You are what's wrong with this country today.


How about the disrespect I had received from the store manager? The only time I was offered a solution was when corporate had seen all my posts that were optimized for search engine indexing.

The district manager did not want believe his manager said anything remotely close. I am finished with this discussion and no longer backing up the basis of my complaint.

I believe people out there should know how I was treated and if that may impact their choice in who to use for their maintenance needs, then that's exactly why threads like this exist. Free Assange and support wikileaks!


they are absolutely right when your engine runs low on oil it can create internal damages and by the changing that oil with a low oil situation they are tsaking responsibility for that engine just think an engine cost approx 8 thousand would you like to be responsible for that maybe you should check your oil more often and follow your car's manufacture service manual


Kirk: I know the issue was resolved and I cannot see how to remove this particular one. Please don't pretend not to work for tiresplus. I will try to contact these guys and see if I can get the thread removed.


Well maybe you should check your oil more regularly. Odds are you had a leak of some sort and you car was a liability to work on.

Guess you left that part out though. Every corporation has strict policies and procedures don't shoot the messengers.

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