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Update by user Mar 30, 2011

This location has changed names.. but not owners and tactics.

I\'m not sure if they lost their Tires Plus franchise or if they\'re just trying to hide from their reputation. I\'m reposting this under the new name with a link to this thread.

Original review posted by user Jun 09, 2010

Went in to get an Oil Change, First question I asked "How long will this take, I'm a little short on time", "We'll get you right in".

Right in was a 75 minute wait.

Was recommended the 5000 mile oil change at $36, even though the sign outside said "Oil Change $17". (Sneaky Upsell attempt #1).

"We recommend a full transmission flush at $159" (this was done less than 15k miles ago, recommended every 30k miles - Sneaky Upsell #2)

Decided to take a walk instead of sitting in the cramped waiting area watching pre-recorded TV that kept telling me why I should spend more money on maintaining my vehicle.

Got a call 45 minutes in, Sir, we've done your Oil change and tire rotation.... HUH? I never asked for a tire rotation (Sneaky Upsell attempt #3). "Oh, then we'll put the tires back where they were". Sir, you need new breaks (breaks were done 10k miles ago by our trusted mechanic - Sneaky Upsell Attempt #4).

Bottom line.. dishonest shop. They lied about the wait time and then tried everything they could to get me to spend more than I needed to.

Will not return to this shop (even for the $17 oil change)

Product or Service Mentioned: Tires Plus Tire Rotation.

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This has to be the most dishonest and incompetent shop I have ever had the misfortune to do business with.

I had them do a steering and suspension inspection for a car I had just bought to use for work on long road-trips. After waiting for 3 hours they came back with a list of items that needed repair. I told them to go ahead and repair everything on the list except the wheel hub bearing (they wanted close to $700 to fix AAMCO to do the identical repair for $250!!)

After waiting for literally 7 hours to get the work done I was still having issues, went back to them was told " Oh, our tech missed the fact you need new ball joints as well, Tell you what we'll replace those for free since we missed them..."

Since they were closing I had to wait until the next day to get my car (missed showing up for new job on day requested!) Picked up the car, still had issues but I had had enough of that shop and went to AAMCO where they informed me that the work I had payed the last place to do had NOT BEEN DONE.

I went back and was fed a HUGE line of BS about how those repairs weren't needed immediately, you said money was tight and we did throw in the ball joints for free after all...

Here's the kicker...while driving to my new job out of state the passenger side ball joint broke and left me stranded. It turns out both ball joints on the vehicle were still factory original! Apparently it was too hard to remove the old ones so they just lied and said they did, which dang near got me killed!! :(


Wow! Guess I will be going elsewhere......

P.S> Guys who complain about a shop trying to upsell him "breaks" are exactly why shops do suggestive selling.


This store has changed it's name to Tires and More. Do not be misled...same ownership, same dishonesty, same horrid customer service. Some people just should not be in business.


These people are outrageously awful. It's NOT company owned. Ridiculous claims were made that my brakes couldn't possibly just have pads. Also BUYER BEWARE that an Estimate on brake service is $49.99 even if no work is done. Brakes advertised at $99 per auto set. I thought that meant all around. Complained to the paper who had published the ad. It's now been corrected to read per axle.

Two friends were horrified that I'd gone there and both apologized for not warning me about this Tires Plus.

How do these people sleep peacefully at night after lying and cheating all day??

I'm majorly pissed.


Abadou, Marrakech-Tensift-Al Haouz, Morocco #210086



Ooooh, you have no idea how much I like to see this because I was looking for a place to post this information. I paid last week to have the hoses and reservoir replaced in my power steering, which was legit. I also was supposed to have my tires rotated, which they did not do correctly. They swapped side to side instead of front to back in a front wheel drive vehicle! Why? They want to sell me tires!

This morning while taking my child to school, my power steering went COMPLETELY out. Had I not had arm strength I would never have been able to get out of traffic or drive back home. Luckily I was on a neighborhood road, but I also had to flag down a neighbor to take my child to school.

When I returned home I discovered that there was no fluid whatsoever in my reservoir and it was all over my driveway and street! When I called and spoke to RON (remember that name) all he kept saying was how I shouldn't be yelling at him (which I don't do, but my voice was up) and I shouldn't be 'ugly' to him. I asked him how he would feel and he said he would be upset but that was no reason to act that way. WHAT??? He obviously had NO appreciation for how DEADLY this could have been! What if I had been on the interstate or turning across traffic on a busy road? It could have been tragic. They came and got my vehicle because I demanded they do so and I told him to "make it someone's life's work today to fix it and fix it right". I will also be demanding a refund of the labor charge from the first visit as well as a written guarantee that any damage caused by this incident will be covered by them.

I am also scheduled to travel tomorrow, which could have had its own implications. I suppose that they are of the opinion that a woman couldn't possibly know the difference. Tell everyone you know THIS SHOP IS UNPROFESSIONAL, UNSKILLED AND A RIPOFF!!!! Off to find other websites at which to post this information...


Does anyone know the name and number of the independent owner of that store? Of course the store doesn't give out that information. His manager needs to be fired.


Agreed that this store has the worst customer service ever. I went in for an oil change and tire rotation.

Was quoted 1 1/2 hours. After and hour and fifteen minutes complained that my care had not gone back yet. They assured me that I was next. When it went back, I went out on the curb to watch.

The oil change was completed and then I saw the tech bring my care out. I ask him if he had done the rotation and he said his manager said not do. After going inside, the manager over the guys in the back did not come out to face me. I voiced very loudly how I had waited so long for and oil change I could have gotten in no time anywhere but I wanted my tires rotated and you all were trying to pass it off like it was done.

Everyone waiting was complaining. One guy was on the phone with the Chamber of Commerce. They tried to upsell something to every customer and took forever to do any work. Customers were complaining constantly over the wait.

I took my keys and left. Did not pay for the oil change.

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