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Angry 05/07: Previously a loyal customer, until I was recently taken advantage of as a single woman. No previous issues with my suv, on 05/07 my Ford Escape died in the middle of the road with 0 warning.

Towed to the Tires Plus, located at 4835 Babcock St. NE, Palm Bay, FL. 32905, where I've always gone for service and repair since moving to this area in 2013. Suv taken back, after waiting several hours in their waiting room, advised that I'll have to leave it overnight so they can run diagnostics in the morning because the service guy was leaving for the night.

I receive a ride home and have to miss a full day of work that night (I work a graveyard overnight shift).

05/08: I receive a call and am advised that all of the ignition coils shorted and need replacing, there's an oil leak that needs fixing, spark plugs are all bad, and the computer board needs replacing because it's now fried. Total cost $2,437.29 and they need an answer on the spot to proceed with repairs. Unable to be without a vehicle for work, trusting them wholeheartedly as I've always gone to them for anything/everything from new tires to basic oil changes, panicked with no other choice, I advise them to proceed with repairs and I would somehow find a way to pay for the repairs. Due to a divorce, unable to be approved for a credit card, I end up having to take out a high interest rate online loan for $4,237 (which will take 3 yrs.

to pay off in monthly payments) to cover the quoted price of repairs. Side noting that I only owe $2500 left on the payoff of my suv. While waiting for everything to go through and deposit, I was without a vehicle for a week, imposing on friends and coworkers for a ride to/from work all week. After repairs, pick up my suv and Mike advised me that "oh, and the ABS light is on" due to a used computer board being installed versus purchasing a brand new factory board for 3x the quoted price of the used one.

05/28: It's difficult enough to make time working a graveyard shift to visit Tires Plus during normal business hours.

I can't just take off work and I can't afford to miss a single days work. After a long 10 hour work shift, I take my suv back in to check out a high pitch faint whistle sound that has been going on since receiving my suv back after the previous major repair work. I wait 2 hours in their waiting room, Mike advises that they are unsure what the noise is and that I would need to come back to have them uninstall/reinstall all the previous work completed to figure out where the noise is coming from, an approximate 5 hour job. I advised the only time I could do this was on my upcoming Friday off after work.

I suddenly receive a new printout and was advised that there is a loud "howling" sound coming from my front right tire, that my ball bearing and tie rod need replacing, the estimate total $816.27. Shocked at this print out seeing as how there was 0 other issues with the way my suv was running or sounding other than this very faint whistle when my speedometer reached 20, 30, and 40 mph (it would slightly whistle then stop). I receive my keys, turn to leave the parking lot and there is this new LOUD BANSHEE howling coming from the front right tire that was NOT there when I brought it in that morning. Drive a few miles towards home, and suddenly my suv is struggling to go above 40 mph!

Pull over and call them immediately advising that I'm bringing it back b/c something was clearing wrong, it was driving perfectly when I took it in to them that morning. I was again advised I would need to leave it with them so they can take it all apart. Receive a call that night a few hours before work and now they advise that my catalytic convert now needs replacing?!?!! New estimate $2,344.35 (big shocker, another $2,000+ quote, seems to be their magic overpriced number)!

Asked what I wanted to do b/c they needed an answer on the spot, after taking a massive hit with the first major overpriced repair, I couldn't afford to take another financial hit like that again. I'm advised that I can pick it up and should be able to drive it home. Have to park my suv for a week, and again impose on friends for a ride to/from work the rest of the week.

By the weekend, I finally find an honest mechanic take a look at my suv. When my suv was hooked up to diagnostics, the computer readout indicated multiple error messages with a mismatched vin and computer board that Tires Plus had installed.

ABS light still on, service break message, change oil message all displayed each time the suv was restarted. My new mechanic said he was surprised the suv was even starting due to the mismatched vin numbers not matching up. He ended up removing the catalytic converter, and changing my oil with synthetic, overall cost $150 and work performed in a few short hours, as opposed to replacing parts and labor at a cost of $2,344.35 from Tires Plus. He advised me that he could have performed the repairs for 1/4 the price of what Tires Plus billed me for the first major repair on 05/08, and still have pocketed a large amount.

With this new information, I began pricing replacement parts and labor costs for the first Tires Plus repair work, and I'm absolutely disgusted over the mind blowing overpriced charges Tires Plus billed me). I was fully taken advantage of by a company I previously trusted for the last 5 years. It's absolutely appalling! ABS light still on after repair work.

06/03: Contact Tires Plus to advise that the reflashing was done incorrectly when they installed the used computer board, vin #mismatch causing multiple system error messages.

I was advised by Mike that a company named PopALock was called in during the repair to reflash the system, and that in order to fix the ABS readout error they would need to have the PopALock guy come back out to reflash the system again. Appointment scheduled for the next morning on 06/04 after getting off of another long 10 hour work shift.

06/04: Arrive to Tires Plus after work around 8:00 AM EST expecting to wait for the PopALock guy to show up to reflash the system. I'm advised that we have to reschedule for the next day because the PopALock guy is off that day. The only hours they could provide for an estimated scheduled time frame for the next day is between 8 AM -12 PM, with no definite time of when he would arrive.

With no other choice, set the appointment for the following morning.

06/05: Arrive to Tires Plus after another 10 hour work shift, and upon my arrival that morning, Mike first tries to convince me that the reflashing and incorrect vin are normal because of the used computer board that was installed. I disagreed, I was billed for a reflashing, and whoever reflashed the system did not reset the computer board with MY VIN#, and I showed him a photo of the computer readouts from my mechanics system as proof. I wait from 8am-9am for the PopALock guy to show up or call and nothing. Mike calls me over and said he called the PopALock guy 30 min.

ago while I was still waiting, only to advise now that the PopALock guy doesn't have the appropriate computer/system to enter the vin# when reflashing and that only Ford can enter my vin # on a reflashing. I advise that I need to have this fixed before the weekend because I had to have other suv repairs performed that weekend. Mike advises me that he contacted Ford (before telling me about all of this) and was now awaiting a call back regarding scheduling an appointment for me to now take my suv over to a Ford dealership to fix what should have been taken care of in the first place. He said they should be able to get me in before the weekend for the second reflashing.

I'm sent home around 9:15 AM and Mike said he would call when he received a callback from Ford. 5:40 pm and still no call. About to go to bed for work that night, I call Tires Plus for an update, and I'm told that Mike left for the day 30 min. prior.

That they would leave a message for him to call me back the following morning.

06/06: I contact Tires Plus and speak with Mike regarding the appointment for Ford since he hadn't called me back. He advises it's set up for the following week on 06/12. Beyond furious at this point, I accept the appointed time the following week.

06/08: I show my mechanic the two overpriced repair printouts that Tires Plus said were needed. After looking over my suv, he advised that my left front wheel bearing could use replacing (not the front right), and my tie rod was just fine.

Overall quote from Tires Plus was $816.27, my mechanic charged me $225 (including labor). After the repair was performed, the ridiculous squealing stopped.

06/12: I take my suv to the Ford dealership just before 8:00 am for my scheduled appointment, advised by the dealership that Tires Plus lied about being able to reflash my system with my vin#, and that only the dealership can reset a system with a new vin# on a used computer board. I receive a ride home and am advised it should just take approx. 2-3 hours.

Having to work that night, take a nap, wake around noon and still no phone call. I call the Ford dealership and am placed on hold, then advised the tech is at lunch and will call me back with an update. 2 hours go by and still no call, I contact back, placed on hold for awhile, then later advised the tech is in a meeting, the repairs have been completed, but that only the tech can cash out the ticket. Again, I would receive a call back.

An hour later, I finally receive a call that it's ready for pickup. Finally receive my sub back at 3:38 PM. The ABS light is now off as it should have been originally, system has been reflashed with MY vin, and no more error messages are displaying on my dash. I receive a printout of the overall charge (that was being billed directly to Tires Plus), the overall charge for the reflashing $79.95 (Tires Plus originally billed me $150, lying to me never actually reflashed it).

After all of this back and forth, missing work, missing sleep, constant aggravation, being repeatedly lied to, and 0 consideration or remorse to wasting my time over the span of a months time, I'm demanding a 20% appeasement refund due to this entire nightmare of an ordeal.

I haven't reported Tires Plus to the Better Business Bureau yet, and I haven't taken this complaint to social media to warn others about this horrid service and ongoing price gouging YET. I'm writing here first to give Tires Plus the opportunity to make things right before proceeding with further actions.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tires Plus Repair.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Tires Plus Pros: Female receptionist friendly.

Tires Plus Cons: Pricing, Infuriated over price gouging, Taken advantage of, Repeatedly lied to, No regard to wasting my time.

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Consumer A

Hello, we are sorry to hear of this issue involving your computer board. We would like to offer our assistance with this matter.

If you would like our assistance, please, email us at,, with a description of the issue that has occurred, your contact details, and your invoice number or the store's address.

Thank you for coming to Tires Plus, we look forward to your response. ^Kristyn

Vanessa C
@Consumer A

Thank you for the reply Kristyn, email has just be sent.


Well written but they are going to probably fallback on the good ole “you told us to do it”. And the well you DID have other choices and what was told to you was a suggestion.

See you signed paperwork that I’m sure if you bust out the big magnifying glass will show that you signed away certain rights. They didn’t get that big without figuring out how to make you screw yourself. It sounds like you found yourself an excellent mechanic. Congratulations!!

If you got anything out of all of this it’s that little gem. Keep them and help them by telling all your friends and yes social media. There is only a few points I would make myself. Forget the BBB.

They are not the retail police and they have no power what so ever. They are a membership based organization that is only out for money. The next point is the best you can do is try and recover some of your money back in small claims court. You can sue for what you had to pay to fix their screw up.

Most states it’s a $5000 cap on damages. Some states have higher caps. So if you paid $2500 in repairs you claim another $2500 for aggravation loss of work, which you would probably get if you have everything documented as you claim. I would suggest you go after them that way.

Don’t get a lawyer until they retain one. But definitely start talking with lawyers in case you get boned enough to qualify for a heftier case. Good luck.

I know this sucks but you do have options and you should use them. Then update us all.


Very well documented and written. Good job.

A couple of observations: 1. Paying over 4K for repairs to an over 12 years old Ford Escape and on which you only owe $2500 was a mistake. Hindsight is wonderful, but what you should have done was not have the work done to begin with and had it towed directly to the Ford dealership for a diagnosis, etc. and if it was to cost over the $2500 you owed on it, just talk to the new car sales dept and trade it in for a new car.

Or, even a good used car. 2. Not sure why people would think a place that sells tires and does minor repairs would have the ability to diagnose and fix the problems you described.

Dealers do these kinds of complicated repairs. However, not all is lost and you have learned a valuable lesson in the area of vehicle repairs.

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