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This location attempted to scam be by asking for over $1000 in work on my vehicle that didn't need to be done. I went in with the vehicle overheating and they claimed I needed a new intake manifold, there was anti-freeze in my oil and basically used every scare tactic they could to tell me my engine would blow up if I didn't have the vehicle serviced by them right away.

My issue was a leak in the coolant system due to a hose clamp that was not fully tightened. There was no combustion gas in my coolant and no coolant in my oil. The car is running fine, and thankfully their salesman used an overblown description of my "problem" that made me think something wasn't right.

The service advisor on the ticket says 06 Michael and the Tech on the ticket is listed as 10 Ian Seppanen.

Not only would I wouldn't go back, I'd tell anyone else to avoid this company all together. Other reviews from previous employees and customers indicate that the entire corporation is a scam.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tires Plus Repair.

Monetary Loss: $38.

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Reno, Nevada, United States #726111

you're on the right track, show me, thats what I need , show me, when I see oil saturated with coolant then I believe , not until,and even then I reserve the right to refuse. hose clamps do not loosen themselves but things they clamp, do, collapse and become loose in the clamp , retightening them is all thats required unless damage has ensued to the item being clamped such as cutting through the rubber barriers.worse case scenario would be a blown hose that overheated the engine and then you have a blown head gasket , if it ain't broke don't fix it.

Orlando, Florida, United States #698209
Hose clamps do not back themselves off, so who was the previous mechanic? Who tightened the clamp back up?

It is easy to check for coolant in the oil by checking the oil filler cap for residue.

The busted head to intake gasket is a problem, it's up to you to either stick your head in the sand about it or fix it. :x

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