Before a month, I got 4 new tires, Drumps and Shoes for rare tires. My drumps get started rusty within 10 days of above service.

Then I visited show room to discuss why it happened and how to take care of it?

I did not get any satisfactory answer or welcome. I requested manager to have a look the problem. He denied saying that replied that he has not even a minute.

That's really bad experience.

I have all original receipts for work done.

Kindly look into this matter.

It took years to build trust and minutes to break it.

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Milton, Florida, United States #961804

Brake DRUMS come shipped with a coat of oil on them so they don't rust in the box. If your drums were rusted a week after service, that means that the technician took the time to clean off the oil.

If he/she hadn't your brakes would heat up causing a burning smell and smoking rear brakes. The rust is just an unsightly by-product of a job that was done correctly.

That being said, the manager should have taken the time to educate and inform you about your concerns. Sorry for your poor experience, but don't let that alone influence your opinion of our entire operation.

Thank you,

M.M.23 tires plus, pensacola

BSRO Social
Villa Park, Illinois, United States #621397

Happy to help make things right! Thank you for taking the time to follow-up with us.



King Of Prussia, Pennsylvania, United States #621388

Hi Tom,

I am really glad to tell you that things has been take care very nicely. Manager called me & fixed the issue. So all good now.

Thanks for looking into the issue!

BSRO Social
Villa Park, Illinois, United States #617801


My name is Tom and I am with the Tires Plus Corporate Offices. I have read through your concerns and want to apologize for the lack of service you recieved. If you are referencing your brake drums as getting rusty 10 after service, this is covered under our nationwide warranty at no charge to you. If you could, please email me at social@bfrc.com with the invoice number from your reciept and the store location you visited.



Merritt Island, Florida, United States #617017

I am curious. What are drumps? :grin :grin :grin :grin

to ALq Reno, Nevada, United States #726084

I can't find Drumps in the parts catalog, Maintenance manual has nothing also. :upset :upset :upset

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