This letter is to inform of the rude treatment given me by Customer Service Manager Cliff - and Store Manager Pete Bidne while attempting to get a routine oil change for my truck before leaving town for the weekend. For convenience I had made the appointment online the night before and printed off a coupon and of my appointment choices they gave me the last appointment I selected.

My visit turned quickly turned into a nightmare at Tires Plus when standing in an empty waiting area Cliff informed me they would not start my truck until 5 even though I was 15 minutes early. He said it would take 30 to 45 minutes to finish it from that time. I asked why does it take so long for what is typically a ten minute service. I wanted to know because it was 90 degrees out and I had to sit on the parking lot with my two dogs to wait since they aren't allowed inside. This simple question grew into a 15 minute yelling match when I lost my mind over him explaining the oil change process and I became so frustrated I crinkled the coupon up and threw it at him saying forget this service, I am leaving. I said I had an appointment and clearly there is no one here! Finally, when I asked to speak to the store manager who appeared from a side room I told him I don't understand this place. I am being punished for arriving early and being told I may wait up to an hour before my truck is finished and in an empty place. I wondered why? You advertise on the coupon I held that this is a "time saving service done for 30 minutes or less or it's free." Isn't this correct? I didn't get an answer.

After getting the run around for 15 minutes I asked for information regarding General Manager to send a letter of complaint. I was informed me that would be a wasted time because the letter would arrive back to them. I just became more frustrated. I am extremely disappointed in Pete the Store Manager for not handling this situation better. They insisted I proceed on the service but I declined saying no I am not happy with you guys or to wait and I am not sure I trust you . I am very sorry I wasted my time driving 5 miles to the Tires Plus, Maplewood Store on County Road D. I never expected this to happen in what should be an eventless routine visit. Needless to say I drove home very angry and frustrated with my oil boiling. I could see it taking longer in a service area - full of happy customers. I did not make an appointment to be beat up. I sincerely hope this doesn't happen to many others.


Product or Service Mentioned: Tires Plus Oil Change.

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I'm not for Tires Plus would never use them, but you are the reason I no longer work on cars you want a ten minute service do it yourself. People like you probably wouldn't even complain if you wait fifteen minutes at the doctors office, yes you are the customer but if think an oil change takes ten minutes along with checking your vehicles fluids tires and rotating them.

Park the car and get a bike you don't need to be driving. Or use public transportation. GET SOME PATIENCE'S IF YOU'RE IN THAT BIG OF A HURRY DROP IT OFF, OH WAIT PEOPLE LIKE YOU CAN'T BECAUSE YOU CAN'T FIND A RIDE.


So let me get this straight........ You were upset because they told you that your vehicle would not be serviced until the appointed time at 5.

Then you got angry because the 30 minute service could have taken an actual 30 minutes. You then proceeded to start a yelling match with the staff which ended up in you assaulting them by throwing a wadded up piece of paper at them. Your opinion as to how long an oil change takes is irrelevant and you were very likely unaware of just how busy they actually were. Often people drop vehicles off to be serviced.

As with many Tires Plus I would guess that there were vehicles waiting outside to be serviced as well as vehicles I the bay. Not to mention there might be circumstances you were unaware of like a technician being out sick.......

and who brings their dogs to an oil change anyways? I suggest that if you can do your oil change in 10 minutes than do it at home where your dogs can watch you and others don't have to put up with temper tantrums.

to Bob #728340

You must work for Tires Plus

Jacinto City, Texas, United States #715154
Kudos for explaining the oil change process to a trained professional. You keep mentioning that the showroom was empty (which is completely irrelevant) but were all the bays empty?

Did they not say you would be out at the stated time, 5:30, and you held a reservation saying it would be free otherwise? :? :? Your printed coupon says it would take 30min yet you still went in with a 10min expectation? Also, why would you assume anyone except you wants your dogs as company?


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