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Tires Plus-Tampa, FL: Do yourself and your bank account a favor. Do not go to Tires Plus!

I recently brought my vehicle to Tires Plus on E. Fowler Ave. in Tampa, FL. I needed a new alternator.

I just recently purchased a brand new battery less than a week before (this did not need replacement); however, Tires Plus manager (Jason) said they wouldn't give me a warranty on the alternator unless I purchased a new battery as well. After being quoted around $300 from various other mechanics for a new alternator, I ended up paying over $800 for a new alternator/battery.

They rip you off and try to justify it by saying their parts are only the best. Please don't do it.

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I know exactly what you are talking about from Tires Plus. But, I wouldn't fall for their s---.

Had a quote in hand from Tire Plus website.

Store on Bloomingdale suddenly were out of their best (my quote)battery, but only after conferring with the manager. Will never set foot in a Tire Plus store again!


Sounds like you got ripped off indeed, my friend. But not so much on the price, mind you. A good new alternator, a new battery, and the labor for both, depending on your YEAR MAKE AND MODEL of your car, which you should always provide in these reports, could run that much. The alternator from a parts store could only be $200 or less, but that is only if you put it in yourself! If you have a shop put it in, they mark up the part because they are providing you a convenient service and warranty their work. Then the alternator becomes $300+ for the part alone (comparable to what the other shops quoted you) plus labor, which, depending on your vehicle, could take a few hours to get to the darn thing. Same thing with a good battery,it could run you $120 for a really good one, plus up to another $50 for installation.

Where they got you is when they told you that you'll have to get a new alternator AND battery. That's really shady, because they should be able to test the battery and show you the computerized print-out of a battery tester showing whether the battery is good or bad. There is also a code on the battery for the year of manufacture, and if it's brand spankin' new, there is no reason to replace. Sounds like they did rip ya off there.

HOWEVER, and this is a million dollar question, if the other shops had lower prices for the same work, WHY IN GOD'S NAME did you shell out $800 at Tires Plus and allow yourself to get ripped off???? Either you are a blithering ***, or you just want to get on the net and vent about spending a bunch of money on car repairs.

Thank you, and have a good day!!!


Tires Plus may be the most crooked chain shop out there right now. These people know a *** of a lot more about scamming customers than fixing cars.

Not that they care about fixing your car.

Don't take your car there for anything. If you do, you're taking a huge gamble.


We'd like to be the opportunity to make this right. Please call 800-394-8184 for immediate assitance!

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