After 5 visits to Tires Plus, the front end alignment is still not right. You would think that after 5 visits in 1 week, they would finally get it right.

Not Tires Plus. They did not put my hubcaps back on. I had to ask 3 times for my hubcaps back. Don't use Tires Plus The manager tried to sell me a battery.

They could not tell me why my transmission is slipping. I was told I do not have a transmission problem. WOW. What professionals.

I will never return to any Tires Plus. Does this sound like a scam?

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my wife went to the tires plus for oil change specialist for oilchange, they talk her into buy 3 get 4 oil changes, a week later the whole shop/buisness was closed and gone. no notice what so ever, this is bad customer relations. $90.00 and the shop is gone!


I have had the same issues with the Rapid City, SD store. I feel for the extended warrenty and have had it in several times for alignment adjustments.

Thay told me that's just the way it is for my vehicle (2001 GMC Sierra). Took it to another alignment shop and it's been perfect ever since. Went in today for rotation and was told it would be over an hour.

Now they tell me they started taking reservations when before it was it and wait. I will never go back.

:eek Wow, I'm glad to know this. I was just about to take my car to the Tires Plus location in Smyrna, GA for a front end alignment on Monday!

I had a bad experience there about 3 years ago, when I took my car to them for tires, oil change, brakes, etc. This goon that got in my car to drive it into the bay thought my side mirrors were manual, so the ***, instead of observing that they were electric, reached outside the window to move the mirror and broke the *** thing! I didn't realize it Until I had driven off, but I promptly came Back, at which time the manager stood Up for the goon and refused to take responsibility.

With this Many complaints against them, I plan to go elsewhere for my car service. Thanks.

Thanks for alerting us. We’d like the opportunity to make things right!

Kindly call 1-800-394-8184 so we can help. Thank you!

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