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Tire plus charge me $700 to replace a fuel pump. One week later the car would not start.

The car had to be towed to Tire Plus. The tow truck drive who towed the car was a mechanic, he said it was the fuel pump. I had not received a credit or anything from tire plus. I am going to dispute the bill.

Tire Plus also charge me $600 to fix the air condition in the car. I had the car for 4 years and it needed very few repair. Now I think the air conditioning problem was the begining of my problem with the repairs.

I only think the car needed freon. Now I have paid $1300 to Tire Plus.

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Freon (or refrigerant) doesn't just leak out (Well it does, but at a very very very slow rate). If your car is only 4 years old and your Freon is low (as indicated by hooking up a gauge), then it must have a leak.

If you simply charge it up, it will leak out again, and you just wasted some expensive freon (refrigerant). Low Freon is not the only thing that can cause an A/C to blow warm air. A/C compressor clutch not engaging due to a bad relay is pretty common.

In any case, A/C work can be pretty complicated and specialized work.

It's not a good idea to take this type of work to a GENERAL repair shop or ANY major chain.

This type of work should be taken to a trusted independent shop that has a reputation for SPECIALIZING in good A/C work. Sometimes you will have to drive an hour or two just to get to a shop like this.


Don't take what the tow truck driver says as gospel. They will point you in a certain direction and give you possibilities and most common causes, buy you really can't be sure unless you take a good look and that's done at a shop.

As long as Tires Plus got your car running again reliably without charging you extra, that's what matters. Well did they?

I drive a tow truck and I tell people I'm a mechanic too. when they ask me to diagnose something I just name off random parts that need to be replaced. Just for fun :p

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