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I brought my car in for two things. A fuel line tune up and replace my brake lights. Was told would be done around 6pm. Said ok.. I'll be back later.

I recieve a call around 3pm. I'm told I have an electrical problem thats causing my issue. Diagnostic cost $90 to figure out the problem. I tell them No. Just do the fuel tune up. He's before I do this.. You should know your also leaking antifreeze from your Intake Manifold. I laughed and said just do the fuel. (liquid doesn't flow through the intake manifold, just air).

Come night time, I turn my car on and realize that none of my lights work... Hmmmm.

I dont recommend getting any work done at any Tires Plus location. If only the laws didn't protect auto mechanics....

Product or Service Mentioned: Tires Plus Repair.

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And what I ment about none of my lights. I also ment Rear lamps, Brake lamps, and dashboard lamps.

Thats is why my lights didn't work anymore. Ands its Duh btw.


I pulled out my brake light fictures and found a loose bulb. Still not the problem.

After removing the bulb. It was clear they did tamper with my vehicle. So that the could get that $90 diag check on my car, they pushed the prongs together which in turn blew my fuses. SO...Terry Orl, do me a favor.

STFU. Please dont defend shady mechanics. The Office manager, "Luke", His wording to me was. "Fuel Line Tune Up".

So thats the wording I used.

Yes their are things I dont know about cars. Thank you for pointing that out.


hello if your brake lights aren't working and they need to spend some time to figure out what is wrong . it's called a diag it's 1 hour of labor because if you have a short some where they have to chase it down .

that's why it was $90.

besides remember you told them no. that's why your brake lights don't work .da.


hey *** it's clear to me you don't know *** about cars. if you have a gm .

gm + dexcool = leaky gaskets. further more it's called a fuel induction service.


Correction: I meant to say that the leak source can be the intake manifold gaskets, not that intake manifolds have liquids in them.


Your assumption that liquid does not pass through the intake manifold is 100% incorrect. Do some research and you'll find that intake manifold leaks are common problems when the vehicle is either leaking coolant or oil (especially on GM 3.1 and 3.4 engines).

Sometimes the leak is external, other times it can be internal and mixing coolant with the motor oil. I'm sure that, at times, places such as the one you visited can give unnecessary or incorrect recommendations.

You should understand that if there was a leak, it is their responsibility to inform you of the leak. The facility could be legally responsible for damages incurred if they don't tell you about what they observed.

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