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Hello my name is Conrad Wiles Konrad r i l e s phone number 404-861-1640 Chase number 239-6487

Since November of 2018 I've taken my Buick Regal 2012 along with my daughter Savannah Turner to have the car oil change and service at Tires Plus Gainesville Florida 5032 Northwest 39th 32606 the last oil change was 624 19 there was a mix-up with my vehicle and another vehicle that was also a white Buick Regal which cause Tires Plus employee to call my wife and daughter to tell them they could not gain entry into car with the key that they had.. they were only given one key for the car by us..

the very same keys they have always had. Tires Plus employee went back to try it again . Afterwards call my wife and daughter later to say it was their fault they were trying to get in the wrong Buick Regal that was color make model and year as hours... so now the nightmare begins and that was the first initial problem that was going to start all these issue that subsequently landed in our lap.

Without warning almost two months to the day my daughter's going to get gas got the gas went get back in the car and it's no longer starts. obviously she doesn't have a clue what's going on or why it wouldn't start and neither do we we assume it's a starter going out and upholstery from that point. have a car towed from the gas station to my property thinking it was a starter that needed replacement we bought a starter had mechanic to put in the starter just for him to unfortunately be the bearer of the news that he had to tell us a witch that the engine was locked up do to absolutely zero oil.. starter was not the problem but in fact the engine was locked up which then preceded the show us the dipstick which had absolutely no oil on it in it around it at all totally dry ..which is the biggest surprise and Shocker since we just had the oil changed or supposedly has an oil change 2 months prior..

my daughter does not drive long distances she only drives in town from home to work a little bit around town with her friends that car was an excellent condition every single time we took it to Tires Plus they made no upsell of any recommendation on anything concerning the engine or problems with the engine or problems that could arise later with the engine that car was fine it ran fine only thing you needed to do was given oil change which we kept regularly but now all the sudden there's a mix-up in a car's and now our car has engine locked up because the only thing that makes sense is that they put the oil in somebody's car but it wasn't m

ine my daughter ran out the rest of the order oil that was in her car thinking she had an oil change subsequently burning out the engine don't we go up to Tires Plus represent the situation all sudden it's playing games no one knows anything but they want me to have a car towed back up to Tires Plus so they can have an independent contractor mechanic come and look at the time what a car Scent of a Tires Plus for at least a week and a half to two weeks before Ike with whoever independent companies with call me and said he was going to look at it I don't know what he did where you looked at who tamper with the car in between that time frame but now all of a sudden we're being told Tires Plus is not at fault or they don't know for sure who's at fault because I am responsible for having to have the engine taking apart to find out what caused the problem a problem that didn't exist prior to taking it to them and not getting an oil change well I did take it to a mechanic and he said the engine was not the problem there was no oil anywhere and the engine and it should have been he said there's no way if they put oil in that car two months prio to it locking up definitily would show signs if ANY oil on a dipstick or SOMEWHER. IN HIS professional in his opinion . THIS " INDEPWNDENT CO NTRACTOR IS A SCAM AND A Wy to fleece un suspect hard worki g and loyal cuatomers , Alliowing Bridgestone of the AMerica and Tires Plus cop out and unassume what shluld have been a lihit and tbouvh investigation as to how this occured..ESPECIALLY seeing that there wS a very obvious reason and place to stTt investigTion. Misyakes happen ..and tires us is nit imnuned tp making then either.

The cost of getting to core of ussues should be the weight if tires plus. The car is serviced by tires plus and. Is directky related. I.e .by cause AND Effect of the situation .

A DEFINITIVE AND Direct cause of such major issue should have been. Excuted provided thouroughly and completed .then deliverd Justly and accurately to all parties involved , without bias and impartial .unpersuaided , tampered with or Malicious consorting to mislead customer or mis represent true fact should go without saying as being very disrespectful very criminal and should be held liable for any and all damages done to the car Regal 2012 the so-called solution or cause of the lock up by the independent contractor. 2nd big flag that's there was no reason to call investigator if his answer was going to be Tires Plus is not at fault because they don't know what's inside the engine could have caused the problem it's the independent contractor job is to figure out what caused the problem. In my opinion it is clear that the independent contractor is a friend of the corporation being Bridgestone of America or Tires Plus your go-to person because he was very unprofessional why would they use such a person Mister Ike gave Tires Plus the answer they told him they needed which is very vague very inaccurate.

a. ligitimiate licensed mechanic would no know this..WHAT EXACTLY was done Or investigated that cleared and ruled out Tires Plus and the series of events that happened that particular day where you at 100% assured Tires Plus wasn't involved in causing this incident. However you feel comfort and sayings the problem comes inside the motor suddenly and that it's the customers for or problem how would you know that if you didn't open them up and look...

Tires Pus Needs to come clean and acknowleddg. There many unanswered questions as well as Shady lackluster underhanded questionable third-party individual that are in cahoots with his whole thing to say the least ..

after getting no information or anywhere with Tires Plus management I went home and I called ice Ike who was the independent contractor because I didn't know who to contact Tires Plus can't give me any information they don't have any paperwork they can't tell me who to call or anything. Ike tells me to call Juan Mendoza at 615-937-9154 I proceeded called juane at least seven or eight times leaving voicemails every time and he never onced confirmed i was at the right number. Ir person in charge ir ANYTHING!. he never called me back he never had anyone call me back I don't even know if HE works there ior f he's a real person so I started pressing 0 for the operator finally get someone on the phone who passes me to someone at customer service and she tells me these bits and piece of information that's a jaun , kobe , presidents desk or whatever upper management gave her the info to repeat How could a company have such a major problem when they don't want to own up to it but there's no management in charge to talk to to taking care of do the customer service ..what kind of company is this??

I was supposed to get a letter mailed to the house itemizing and in writing what procedures were taken what was investigated 5 L engine mechanic and what was the outcome I still have nothing in writing some Tires Plus Bridgestone of America nothing ever came in the mail . I believe now they were never going to mail a letter stating anything. I realized it was reason and wayt for them to get me off the phone and pass me on to nobody. I would like that letter immediately as I am passing it off to a real reputable business owner license mechanic so he could see what they said according to what is actually true no one at Bridgestone of America has returned my calls even though I've left five different messages on the president's desk whatever that means..

I left three messages for Scott McKinney I don't know who he is but he hasn't called me back I've called Ike today who is the independent contractor Ike's hung up the phone on me twice just because I said how are you today!! What isTHAT ABOUT??

These are your professional go to independent contractors you provide to do a service adjust service for customers there is nothing honest or aboveboard about that guy and Tires Plus in any way shape or form he clearly is not an independent contractor they clearly work together and scamming unwitting Tires Plus customers in order for Tires Plus to not have to own up to their mistakes. this guy doesn't know me I don't know him and if he's independent he's have no reason to be rude to hang up on me because I called and I asked him how he was doing..So to ME..whats clear to me is that I know or strongly feel he works underhandedly and with intentions of only providing a solution for one side and that side it's always being according with and for Bridgestone Americas AKA Tires Plus and they're in it together which is why no one is calling me back no one is giving me any information I'm told that engine now it's going to cost over $3,200 to purchase and have it put in Tires Plus needs to be responsible for this and needs to be held accountable it's their mistake from the jump horrible horrible customer service !!!it is a black eye on that whole franchise of organizations is there really is a Bridgestone of America and Nashville the whole place needs to be shut down because no one is doing their job no one should be working here because all of them doing DIShonest at Tires Plus in Bridgetown of America out for themselves they could care less about the community that they serve in the people who Patron them they have no loyalty to the people that loyal to them and now whent this time for them to send someone out fronm to be an independent contractor he's rude hang up on you because he has nothing to say to you because he's already did his job which is going to coach retires plus and Bridgestone of America I would like to listen to America to call me someone soon get my car in the shop or foot the bill for my replacement engine there was nothing wrong with that car probably take me there Tires Plus never mentioned anything being wrong with that car the sticker was in the window saying that had an oil change the gauge has been reset there was nothing wrong with the gauge when the oil is going low yet and still no warning nothing the engine locked up cuz there's no oil it doesn't take a mechanic's or rocket science to figure out what happens Bridge of America you owe me as a customer and you owe me as a loyal and continue paying customer to take this car and make it right high mileage is no high mileage there was nothing wrong with that car other than I brought it to you disgusting the way you run a company

Product or Service Mentioned: Tires Plus Car Repair.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $3500.

Preferred solution: Total cost of replacing and installing engine purchase parts labor and apoligy for the egregious and horrible customer service given by everybody involved.

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