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My son took his 2012 Ford Fiesta in On July 12, 2019 to the Tires Plus Towne Place Blvd location because his car was overheating. He was told that they would do an engine diagnostic ti see what the issue was.

He was told that he needed a cooling system ( water pump) , Engine Gasket and recommended front brake service etc... The total charged was 1,653.29. We picked up the car on 7/14. However, less than 24 hrs later the car began to overheat again.

We then took the car to the Tires Plus Clermont location on 7/15. They did a courtesy check , topped of coolant that should've been completely filled, said it was a possible air lock. The service advisor Edgardo said there were no leaks, ran car in shop no issues, test drove no issues. I picked the car up later that day on 7/15.

My son attempted to drive the car to work and home 7/17 and it overheated once again. We contacted Geico roadside service and had the car towed back to the Clermont location . However, the Clermont location stated since they didn't do the original work they recommend it be towed back to original location. At this point, we got in contact with Area Manager Peter Marble to make arrangements for the car to be towed back to the Towne center location and for a solution to the problem.

The car was towed back to Towne Center location on 7/18. The Towne Center location had the car from 7/18 to 7/22. We made several attempts to find out what the issue was and continued to get the run around . It wasn't until the morning of 7/22 when we were told that is was a blown head gasket and not the water pump that was the issue.

However, Darian told my son that would NO LONGER WORK on the vehicle due to it's mileage and history of oveheating. They said that I would be given $500 back for water pump and that they will have the car towed back to the shop. Upon, my son telling me this I Called to speak to Darian myself. I told him that I'm confused, I'm still out of over 1,100 the car is still inoperable and you're refusing to give an estimate or work on the car.

He said that he's no longer going to put any further time or effort into the car and that I need to take the car to another repair shop ! Within a 2 hours of the conversation the car was towed back with a 500.00 refund. I'm still out of a working vehicle , a single mother , a high school teacher and do not have 1,153.29 to wash down the drain.

My son's car is still inoperable and I never heard of an automotive company refusing to do work on a vehicle that was originally misdiagnosed. In conclusion, my car is now in worst condition than it was originally brought in for repairs, problem was misdiagnosed, lied about work needed to be done originally, refused to fix the problem and inoperable car towed to my doorstep.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1153.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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I heard they have to bury people in their Ford Fiestas when they crash. I wouldn't let my kid drive around in a tin foil deathtrap.

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We understand how upsetting this has been and would like to ensure this is addressed. Please, send us an email at,, with complete details, your phone number, and any applicable invoice numbers or the store's address.

We appreciate you for choosing Tires Plus and look forward to your reply. ^Kristyn

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