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I took in my 2007 Mitsubishi Eclipse to a Tires Plus in Lake Mary, FL for a price quote on 4 new tires. I was looking at the buy 3 get 1 free deal they are running on Falken Ziex 912 tires.

With my car sitting 10 feet away, I spoke with an employee who quoted me a satisfactory price. He printed out the quote and I left saying I would call back to set up an appointment. When I got home, I noticed the size printed on the quote was wrong. It was 235/50-17 instead of 225/50-17 that I needed. The following day I called the store in hopes of clearing it up and making my appointment. The original person I spoke with was not in, so I spoke with someone else. He said he could get the tires from a sister store as they did not have them in stock at that location, I also mentioned that the size needs to be 225/50-17.

He did not take down my phone number, name, or anything else, and was eager to get off the phone with me. I told him I would be in after work the following day to which he agreed. I also asked if they could take care of me before the store closed at 7pm, to which he also replied that it would be done.

I called the next day after work (while on my way to Tires Plus) and spoke to yet another different person, inquiring whether the tires were at that location. They said they were, and I told them I would be there shortly. Again, no appointment or anything. Not even a name, although the person on the phone seemed to know that I had called before because she was the one that went to get the tires from the different location.

I get there, and am informed that the total would be $110 more than previously quoted. What? Oh, I'm told that the smaller size tire is actually more expensive by $30 each. And the tires that they picked up from the other store are the wrong size completely...but it's ok because they happen to have my size, and the original quoted size in stock (they didn't 3 days prior).

This is not the first time they have quoted wrong, or mishandled appointments for me. Not everyone's schedule revolves around Tires Plus.

Ways Tires Plus could improve:

1. Tie in quotes to customer profiles

2. Make appointments and tie then in to customer profiles

3. Tie in quotes to customer profiles...

4. Look at customer profiles when making quotes (maybe would have noticed that my car was there, with the correct tire size displayed).

If you quote wrong, after three phone calls over three days, honor the price so this doesn't happen.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tires Plus Customer Care.

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Just an update:

After sending an email to Steve (below), I received a call from the store manager of that Tires Plus location. I spoke with him and he agreed to honor the price on the tires that I was originally quoted. I still didn't get the sense that it was prudent for him to make sure his employees give optimal customer service. He was very professional and understanding of my problem, however.

Thank you Steve, I hope that this kind of feedback helps you make the company more successful.


Email sent.

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