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I recently had service completed on my 1999 for expedition (one set of tires removed and replaced with my stock tires) I was in need of new lug nuts..the manager informed me he could only get them at 9.99 a piece from 4 different retailers in the area due to the fact no one had all twenty in their store. I researched online due to the price being so expensive along with a tires plus employee who informed me that was way too much, after researching autozone, along with the manufactuer of the wheelbolt the dorman/wheel bolt flanged "Dorman / Wheel Nut

611-172.1 $1.99".

I then went to the manufactuer site and saw that from the factory with a warranty the price was 2.98. I am very disapointed at the fact i paid 199.80 for wheel bolts that should have been no more than 80.00. My total bill to change the tires along with the bolts was 243.00. Not only is this outrageous but I also had to wait 4 hours in the store when I was told it would only cost 28.00 for the tire change not including the bolt fees but I was also told it would only take 1 hour.

This store is ran incompetently, there were three individuals who were there just as long as me their cars sat waiting in the bay for a good 45 minutes completed and no one came to inform the customers. One customers was so escalated to the point he was practically in tears (of anger that is) only to ask the manager again if his car was ready after waiting 3 hours and being told yes sir let me get the keys. The car was sitting in one spot for a hour and no one was touching it and now they tell this customer the car is ready, outrageous. I've used tires plus in different locations and never have I experienced what took place at this center.

I will continue to use tires plus at the st. marys, Georgia center or jacksonville florida but never brunswick.

I would greatly appreciate it if this issue is corrected regarding what I was bogusly charged for wheel bolts locks just plain ordinary wheel bolts nuts at 9.99 because I was told by a professional tires plus manager that's the best deal he could get.

Monetary Loss: $110.

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It's only gouging if they held your car hostage. If you were free to drive down the street to a competitor, then it's not gouging.


Wow, that's a pretty odd thing to charge for. I would have just told them to use the old lug nuts.

The guy got them off the wheels easily enough, he could just as easily put them back on. If he couldn't, well then obviously he damaged them.

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