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I visited tires plus (Minot ND) to get an oil change. After being there for over an hour in the 30 min oil change bay I asked what the problem was.

They said the "tech" was looking for the oil filter. I had to tell them that they needed to remove the skid plate to get to it. The bad thing is that the next morning at home I discovered that out of the 8 screws that hold the skid plate up only the front two were still installed. It was pretty hard to miss seeing how the skid plate was hanging pretty low to the ground.

I did let tires plus know of the mishap and they provided me with some screws so I could correct the problem. Can't wait until winter is over so I can start doing my own oil changes again.

*** -10 degree weather.

Monetary Loss: $38.

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I used to work at this particular location, and I can agree with the employees mishandling of your car. Most of the employees there are young and not properly train on vehicle mechanics.

I seen them do crazy thing to cut corners. Even some of the shift managers had issues.

I would wonder how they even got that position. Not a very professional environment at all.

I am sorry for what has happend and i will take care of it myself. Please call me at the store(701-837-1301) so i can make things right. I am truly sorry about your bad experience.

Jarid Lundeen
:cry :?

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